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Limited Night Layover in Singapore

I had the opportunity to visit Singapore for two 12-Hour overnight layovers in Changi Airport on my way to visit family in the Philippines for the holidays. Unfortunately, since I had a night layover in Singapore, I didn’t arrive at Changi Airport until around 8:00 pm.

My choices were limited, but I was able to do more than I anticipated during that time frame! Singapore is a very clean and safe city. If you have kids, I recommend you read this guide on things to do in Singapore with kids. I had no problems walking around and didn’t worry about my safety during my 12-Hour overnight layovers. This city is perfect for solo travels and especially your first one. So here is my guide to a night layover in Singapore.

Night Layover in Singapore

Exiting the Airport

If you have carry-on luggage that you don’t want to lug around the city, I suggest you store it at the luggage storage right outside of customs. I did this since I had a 12-Hour Layover in Singapore. It costs about $4 for 12 hours which was perfect for me and my budget!

If you exited out of terminal 3, to take an uber you need to go downstairs to B1 or basement 1 (you can see the button on the elevator). To take a taxi you can stay at level 1. You can see signs everywhere to find signs where to take the train to the city if that is an option for you. Just be warned the train and buses do end early so if you are out late at night like I was, the train wasn’t much of an option for me. If you arrive in Singapore early enough, you may have time to do the Singapore Night Safari.

Are you planning to extend your trip or on your way to Malaysia? Then be sure to read this guide on the best things to do in Penang.

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How to Get Around

There are a few ways to get around Singapore such as a Taxi, MRT, Bus or uber. I found it easier for me to get around via Uber only because I had a short amount of time to spend in Singapore. Uber Pool was the way to go! It was more affordable and a great way to meet new people. On top of that, I was tired of traveling for 15 hours and I desperately wanted to get some food! If you are looking for a place to stay, read where to stay in Singapore village.

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What to do for an Overnight Layover in Singapore


Gardens by the Bay | Night Layover in Singapore


Gardens by the Bay | Night Layover in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay | Night Layover in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay – Walkway Closes at 9

Gardens by the Bay is one of the most popular places to visit overnight in Singapore and made Singapore’s tourism skyrocket. With the famous trees and beautiful biodomes, it makes it the perfect location to visit for an overnight in Singapore. This was my favorite place to visit for my Night Layover in Singapore because the lights are so beautiful and it is open to the public throughout the night. Be sure to read Instagram Worthy places in Singapore. See the attractions below within the park:

Supertree Grove
5am – 2am

OCBC Skyway – $8 for Adults
9am – 9pm

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest | Night Layover in Singapore

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest | Night Layover in Singapore

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest $28
9am – 9pm

Helix Bridge | Night Layover in Singapore

Helix Bridge | Night Layover in Singapore

Helix Bridge

On the way from the Gardens by the Bay to the Merlion, you can walk around the Helix Bridge. If you have a hard time walking, I suggest you rent bikes but I found the walk fairly enjoyable. The Helix bridge reminds me of something from Harry Potter. It is beautifully lit at night and an interesting bridge to walk across.
Merlion | Night Layover in SIngapore

Merlion – The Wonder Full Fire Show – FREE
8pm – 9:30pm

The Merlion is pretty much the symbol for Singapore. It is a beautiful Lion Mermaid which I relate to very much being a Leo that loves water so much. There are many souvenirs with this beautiful Merlion on it. It blows water out of its mouth and there supposedly is a beautiful fire show at 8 pm that I unfortunately missed.

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Singapore Changi Airport

One of the things to do in Singapore is also enjoying Singapore’s Changi Airport overnight for a layover.  The Airport is huge with a bunch of accommodations such as the Changi Airport Hotel, indoor gardens, shopping, and great places to eat. If you do not have a night layover, I suggest you check out the Free Singapore Airport Tour.

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Foods to Eat

Most Hawker Centres close early and since I was more interested in seeing the Supertrees, I made that a priority which left me with limited options for late-night hawker centers. Some of the must-try food is laksa soup, garlic butter tiger prawn (these things are huge! I had only one thankfully and it at least 8 inches long), dim sum (my favorite are soup dim sum – the dumplings filled with broth) and the chili crab. This is the perfect place to get food overnight in Singapore.
Hawker Center | Night Layover in SIngapore
Hawker Center | Night Layover in SIngapore
Tiger Shrimp and Noodles | Night Layover in Singapore

Hawker Centres

Nelson Hawker Centre
Closes at 2 am

Hawker Centre for Local Singaporean Food
Closes 9 pm

Tai Hwa Pork Noodle 1 Star Michelin Restaurant
9:30am – 9pm

Some of the most affordable Michelin Star Restaurants are located in Singapore which makes their food incredibly popular among tourists. They have many hawker food stands with so many food options that it makes it hard to just choose one. Be sure to enjoy as much food as possible!



The Mustafa Centre – Open 24 Hours

This is the most affordable place in town to get souvenirs. They have a lot of keychains in bulk perfect for family members or coworkers. All the souvenirs are on the second level. This huge market offers more than souvenirs but plenty of other shopping needs as well. You can buy food, pearls, watches, suitcases and so much more here!

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Other recommended places for a Night Layover in Singapore I didn’t have a chance to visit: Chinatown, Masjid Sultan, and Little India, make sure to stop by the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, and the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple.

NIght Layover in Singapore

So there you have it, my things to do for Night Layover in Singapore. Will you be adding Singapore to your bucket list? 

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  1. Always love your posts Nie nie. Singapore is such a great city, love the hawker centres too. Heading back soon so I can check out some of these places I missed last time 🙂

    1. Thanks! I know I missed a lot too, but definitely looking forward to going back and actually taking the time to visit!

    1. Awesome! I probably could have saw more, but mine was at night and I wanted to get some sleep. But if you have a day layover you can definitely visit more sites!

  2. Hi, We have a 9 hrs layover from midnight to 9am. Our flight leaves at 9am…is possible or is there anything to see during the hours of 12:30am and 7am?


    1. Hi MJ!

      You can still see the Gardens by the Bay, they close at 2am so you should still be able to see the Super Grove Trees. The shops and areas inside will be closed but the trees are available to view. Additionally, the Mustafa Center is open 24 hours for shopping. You can also check out the Makansutra Hawker Stalls I believe they are open til 2am on weekdays and 3am on weekends.

      Keep in mind that it takes about 40 min by taxi or uber to go from the airport to Gardens by the Bay. Although, I think I was there after 2am and still able to see the trees lit up.

  3. Is is possible to avail Free City tour even if i will arrive at night, 8pm to be exact?
    got to ready some blog saying that i can only exit immig once, the same reason why i can’t avail the 2 free tour.
    your advice is deeply appriciated.

    1. Unfortunately, the free tour registrations end around 5-6:30pm. The best option would be to check on the Changi Airport Website.

  4. Hi did you setup accommodations outside the airport or did you return to the airport to sleep? Also how long did it take for you to go through customs when you returned?

    1. I did go back to the airport and slept only to save money. You can look for accommodations if you want. Customs went by quickly since I came back pretty late. Don’t forget to store your luggage if you have any.

        1. I’m not sure if it’s the only option or not, but it was the most convenient.

  5. Hi ! If I have 15h transit at Changi airport but I might arrive there around at night around 9.30pm and until afternoon 1pm is my connecting flight. So during that time it’s possible to get around the city like I wanna see merlion park, merina bay in the morning before my flight 1pm ?

    1. Totally! Merlion Park is open 24 hours, Gardens by the bay closes at 2am the park functions though will be closed like anything indoors, but you can see the super grove trees, and Marina Bay I think you have to be a hotel guest now. I don’t think you can access the hotel pool or anything unless your a guest but I suggest you call to check.

  6. hi, i am from dubai and coming home soon to my country Philippines. i have booked a flight with almost 5 hrs layover in Singapore, and going back, i have 16h layover as well. what can you share things to do especially on my way back, 16hours, i will arrive in Singapore 1045 pm and be going frm singapore at 3:05pm next day to Dubai. what advise can you give to spend well my singapore layover? thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi! There are a lot of things to do, but unfortunately not so many at night. I would more than likely rent a hotel if you can and then explore in the morning. I would suggest a lot of the items laid out in this post. I would also highly recommend seeing the Gardens by the Bay even during the day since it’s such a magical place. You can also see Cloud Forest which is amazing during the day. Afterward, I’d have an early lunch at one of the Hawker stalls before heading back to the airport.

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