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If you are new to traveling or trying to save money and looking for excellent resources for your next trip, then you have reached the right place. This page has the products and resources I use to plan my trips.

Check out some of my important tips for first-time travelers below.

How to Plan and Budget for a Trip
Prepping for an International Flight
How to Organize Your Carry On
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This is the first thing that I book before I book any accommodations, travel insurance, etc. Travel insurance is probably the last thing I book and it’s closer to the date that I start my travels. I book the flights first and then book the hotels immediately after. If I decide to change my accommodations, I change them later because a lot of booking websites offer free cancellation.

Skyscanner Logo

Skyscanner has a big reputation in helping millions of people find the most affordable flights, which is why this is a great resource for travelers!

Google Flights Logo

google flights

Google is one of the best places to look up flight deals. I mean with Google being one of the biggest search engines out there, they know the best deals.

Momondo Logo


Momondo has a lot of great features and is easy to use! If I cannot find deals on Skyscanner, this is my second choice for grabbing flights!

travel insurance

Travel insurance is important and is something that I recommend to all travelers to get. Some of you may say, well my credit card will protect me from any purchase, or homeowners/renters insurance will cover lost or stolen items.  However, the thing with credit cards and those insurances is that they do not protect you from medical expenses abroad.  It is important to have travel insurance to protect yourself whether it’s from an injury or illness. Below are the insurances I recommend you look at and see which are best for you.

Allianz Logo


This depends on what type of traveler you are. What I love about Allianz is they have an annual plan which is great for travelers who travel often! They have different plans and options that are very affordable.

World Nomads Logo

World Nomads

World Nomad travel insurance is perfect and affordable for those single trips a year or for those who don’t travel as frequently and don’t need an annual travel insurance plan. They are known for excellent customer service and competitive prices. Be sure to check them out!

Travel Resources 13

Safety Wing

This is another company that provides travel insurance. This is another great option for long-term travelers as well. I used to be a huge fan of Allianz, but after my recent travel, I highly recommend Safety Wing. It’s super affordable and covers travel and medical. Only about $42 per month.


These are my favorite places to book hotels from. After booking my flights, I immediately check out locations on where to stay. is probably my most used app on my phone because the app and everything about them is amazing. They are easy to use, easy to book, easy to cancel, and so much more.

Travel Resources 14 is my favorite resource for finding great hotels or hostels. The reviews are fairly trustworthy and I absolutely love that they offer free cancellation on most bookings!

Travel Resources 15


If I can’t find anything on, I’ll usually switch over to Agoda. Agoda can sometimes have more affordable prices and it’s a great website to book from.

Travel Resources 16

Finally, there is is great for flights and hotels, you can find some great deals here. It truly depends on which platform you prefer.

Travel Planning

I mostly use Google and Pinterest to plan my trips. I will oftentimes set up a map of where I am traveling too and place all the locations onto my google maps. It’s where I can see all of the places I want to check out and refer back. to them later. I even do that in Korea with Naver maps as well. It’s easier for me to see where everything is laid out on the map to plan out my itineraries.

Pinterest Logo


I do most of my traveling planning through travel bloggers that can be found on Pinterest. Thankfully you can search for almost any subject related to travel or the place you are visiting and you can find a related post on it.

Google Logo


If I can’t find anything on, I’ll usually switch over to Agoda. Agoda can sometimes have more affordable prices and it’s a great website to book from.

Instagram Logo


I don’t really use Instagram for travel planning, I use it more to get some inspiration for the style photos I want to get from my trip. Instagram is such an inspiration filled with so many amazing photographers. It’s a great resource to get the perfect photo at your destination.

Travel Apps

When it comes to traveling, it is better to be prepared for anything. Check out the list of my favorite 20 must-have travel apps to have on hand. It is important to keep in mind when looking for travel apps that work for you that they are able to be used offline.  You may not be able to afford to have international data abroad or you may not have signals in certain areas you are traveling to.

Day Trips

If you want to take the work out of organizing a trip, figuring out how to get there, or just looking for other ideas of things to do. These are some of my highly recommended companies to book through.

Get Your Guide Logo

Get your guide

This is a popular tour app that is perfect to use in Europe. They have a lot of great deals and are easy to find some interesting things to do in Europe.

Klook Logo


This is a popular day trip guide for Asia countries. I highly recommend using them in South Korea, Japan, and other parts of Asia. It’s my go-to location for travel in Asia.

Viator Logo


This is the perfect tour booking application for tours in the US. It’s perfect for you if you are looking for tickets, things to do, tours, and more.

Group Adventure Tours

If you are solo traveling and looking for group tours, these are some of the best companies in the market for group tours.

G Adventures Logo

G Adventures

Intrepid Logo


Tour Radar Logo

Tour Radar

Editing Great Travel Photos

If you are looking to improve your travel photos, I highly suggest you look into professional editing programs. You will need to understand the basics of great beautiful photos from composition, editing, and creating a cohesive that everyone is sure to love.

If you are not skilled with lightroom, I highly suggest taking my course below! It will help give you basics on how to edit and create stunning beautiful photos.

Adobe Logo

Adobe Lightroom

Adventures with NieNie Logo

Lightroom Course & Presets

go to Lightroom course
Travel Resources 17

Lightroom Presets

Travel Cameras

These are some of the travel cameras that I use and suggest for many people out there. When it comes to which camera I use most, it’s hands down my Fujifilm XT.

Travel Resources 18

Fujifilm xt4

Perfect for intermediate users and potentially beginners who want something lightweight to travel with.

Travel Resources 19

Sony A7iii

Perfect for beginners and people who want to create videos.

Travel Resources 20

Canon Rebel T7

A great beginner’s DSLR to learn all the functions of a new camera.

Travel Resources 21

DJI Pocket 2

Great video recording device perfect for vloggers.

Travel Resources 22

DJI Mini 2 Drone

A lightweight drone perfect for those high in the sky shots.

Travel Resources 23

GoPro Hero 9

Perfect for action adventurers who want something that is waterproof.