Who am I?

Mouth of Truths안녕! I am NieNie, a Korean-American and Californianative who spends all of her money on travel and travel accessories. Obsessed with local foods, local art and adventures, I am here to document my travels and inspire others to do the same. My adventures series are photo diaries and galleries of my travels. Let me know what posts you would like to see.  Here at “Adventures with NieNie” I share my  travel stories, travel tips, photography and so much more.  I love to write about fun topics regarding travel tips, top travel spots, and places I love to go. Some of my favorite places to write about are the Philippines, Korea, and Italy.

When did I start traveling?

I grew up traveling at a young age through being a military brat and having family all over the world.  Traveling was not only an obsession for me growing up, it was a huge part of my life.

Why do I travel?

I had lost my mother at a young age to a long and difficult battle to cancer.  I went to college shortly after losing my mother to purse my art career.  After I had finished my undergraduate degree at CSU Sacramento, I went to further my education by pursing my master’s in studio art.  However, I had reached a crucial point in my life in which my school work and art portfolio IMG_4615focused primarily on the death of my mother.   This brought me to a deep and dark depression, including times where I thought about suicide because I had lost who I was, who I wanted to become and my outlet to recover from this.  So I quit grad school to explore and reevaluate my life.  I realized that the best way for me do this is to face my fears and to overcome this manic state by exploring the world around me.  I didn’t want to lose out on any moments of what life has to offer me.  I only have this one life to explore and live my life.  Why not use this time to explore other countries and make myself happy instead?  With traveling, I have learned to fall in love with myself again and embrace the love, power and independence that traveling gives me.

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