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I’m nienie

안녕! I’m Stephanie, also known as NieNie, which is a nickname I’ve had since age 10. I am a single 30 something hapa (mixed-race of Asian descent) California Native.

My passion for travel started young. Born and raised in California with family all over the world, my family and I started to travel when I was a young baby. My first international trip and Korean family adventures was visiting family in South Korea at the age of 1 and I have visited every other year growing up.

Like my parents, I moved abroad where I lived in South Korea and now in Germany. I am now embarking on my passion to travel and navigate this beautiful world. Follow me as I make mistakes, explore the world, and live abroad as a plus-size woman living in a Korean and German world.

A little about the blog

Adventures with NieNie is a fun light-hearted travel blog about my travel experiences. I’m an expert on travel in South Korea, the Philippines, and Germany. I frequently share travel tips, must-see itineraries, mouth-watering food options, and inspiration for your next adventure.

I talk about my life abroad living in South Korea and now living in Germany. My family all live within the Philippines so I’ve visited over 10 times now.

My goal is to inspire, create and motivate you as you embark on your next great adventure.

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