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How to stay entertained on a flight without a laptop or tablet

With the most recent electronic ban out for many flights traveling from the middle east to the United States, tablets, laptops or any electronics bigger than a cell phone are banned. Some of these airlines include Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Royal Jordanian, Saudi Arabian Airlines,  EgyptAir, Turkish Airlines and Royal Air Maroc. Most concerns, other… Continue reading How to stay entertained on a flight without a laptop or tablet

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Favorite Travel Accessories for 2017

When traveling, you often try to find new and different products to make your travel experience more comfortable and stress-free.  You think of new ideas or ways to make the experience better than the last.  After traveling internationally for over 20+ flights, I have learned what has worked for me and what I really look… Continue reading Favorite Travel Accessories for 2017

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How I Didn’t Quit My Job To Travel The World!

I recently posted this on and I wanted to share this with my readers. If you love travel as much as I do, you often hear the story about the traveler who quit their 9 to 5 or day time job to travel full time. Well that isn’t what I did and I am not… Continue reading How I Didn’t Quit My Job To Travel The World!

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Eco-Friendly Travel Products (Earth Day Edition)

In honor of Earth Day today, April 22, I wanted to do something to remind travelers that they can be more eco-friendly to protect the earth that we love to explore.   My new year’s resolution for the last two years have been focused on being more environmentally friendly.  As someone who has traveled to many… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Travel Products (Earth Day Edition)

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Career or Travel? Why not BOTH!

Many travel bloggers that travel have often quit their careers to travel the world.  They have been able to make a lot of money after long hard commitment to blogging about their travel experiences, giving expert travel advice and networking with many companies and bloggers to support their blogging business. However, what if blogging isn’t… Continue reading Career or Travel? Why not BOTH!

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My Travel and Blog Anniversary 2015

A year ago today I started my blogging about my travels, which was a great stepping stone to recording memories of my travel experiences not only for myself, but to share with readers like you!  This “Blog” just started out as a personal diary and a reflection of things I have been able to accomplish… Continue reading My Travel and Blog Anniversary 2015

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Adventures in Monterey, CA

When you live in Northern California, you find ways to keep yourself entertained which often leads to random road trips, last minute planning, hiking excursions and adventurous areas to explore.  Living in Sacramento, we often leave for the beach and a few of our favorite places include Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Monterey Bay and Bodega Bay.… Continue reading Adventures in Monterey, CA