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Ba Na Hills Da Nang | Everything you need to know

I’m sure you have seen the famous Golden Hands Bridge in Da Nang, but did you happen to know that the iconic bridge is located in Ba Na Hills Da Nang. This popular amusement park has more to offer than just the Golden Hands Bridge. This guide is to get you through the best attractions at Ba Na Hills Da Nang and actually get a feel for what this amusement park is all about. 

Inside Ba Na Hills
Inside Ba Na Hills Da Nang

Ba Na Hills Da Nang | Everything you need to know

This popular amusement park is perfect for any age group. Although there happens to be a lot of walking, so anyone that may have mobility issues, I suggest you bring a wheelchair or something of the sort. The park is fairly large but it is handicap accessible. There are lots of escalators and elevators that you are able to use to get to the top. Although, I am unsure about loading in and out of the cable car. I’d suggest you contact Sun World for that information. If you are short on time, check out some of my favorite Da Nang Attractions for one day in Da Nang

Ba Na Hills Da Nang

Why is Ba Na Hills in Da Nang Popular?

This amusement park is popular because of the famous Golden Hands Bridge. However, like many Asian attractions, it’s all about Instagram or beautiful photos. Ba Na Hills is a beautifully decorated village to replicate French, German, and other architectural styles which gives you a fairytale experience while visiting. This resort is located on the top of the mountain in Ba Na Hills, the gorgeous mountain top view, beautifully decorated buildings, all you can eat buffet, and the rollercoaster is why it is popular among so many locals and Asian tourists. 

Ba Na Hills Sunworld Attractions in Da Nang

There are many attractions available at Ba Na Hills, however, the most popular will probably be the Golden Hands Bridge. There are a lot of things to see and do. 

Golden Hands Bridge at Ba Na Hills Da Nang
Golden Hands Bridge at Ba Na Hills Da Nang

Golden Hands Bridge

The most popular attraction at Ba Na Hills Da Nang is, of course, the Golden Hands Bridge. This became a popular tourist attraction because of a viral video and photos that went across many social media platforms to highlight this beautiful park. The bridge is made of 2 hands which hold the walkway. The 2 hands look gold in color and the view overlooks the mountainside. It’s very difficult to get a shot of this bridge without people in it or without the fog rolling down. 

Fantasy Park

This park is filled with games and a drop tower. The design of this space is what makes it fascinating which is made to look like a cave inside. According to Sun World, Fantasy Park was “inspired by two iconic novels “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” by French writer Jules Verne.” This is a great location to take the kids or family to explore and hang out. There is also a 5D theater inside as well as a 4D death race. 

Beer Plaza
Beer Plaza

Beer Plaza

This plaza is supposed to be similar to an Oktoberfest type of environment. There are likes of German type beers and decorated in a German-style fashion. They also have some other Vietnamese beers on draft. Additionally, there are a few bands who play music live in the plaza as well. The area is surrounded by covered picnic tables, flowers, and more.

Wax Museum

Like any good city or park, a wax museum becomes a popular attraction. Obviously, to see may celebrities carved in wax is quite interesting on its own but while being a popular attraction, it’s all about the Instagram photos you can take inside. See some of your favorite celebrities inside like Lady Gaga, Obama, the Queen of England and more. The wax museum costs are extra for about 100,000 VND. 

All you can eat Buffet

Although I didn’t pay to do the all you can eat Buffet, mostly because I wanted to eat more authentic Vietnamese food in the city, I’ve heard great things about it. The buffet options are practically endless and popular among Asian tourists. There are Western and Asian food options at the buffet and costs 245,000 – 225,000 VND.

How to see the Golden Hands Bridge 

The Golden Hands Bridge is probably the most popular attraction at Ba Na Hills Da Nang. I suggest you try to arrive early, the later you get there, the chances of you getting a view without people in it will be slim to none. This bridge fills up quickly. I arrived at the park early but by the time I got to the bridge, it was packed. It was hard to get any photos with myself in it. The best way to get a good view is to cross to the side attached to the building right outside of Marseille station. You can get a good panorama of the golden hands and cliffside. 

How far is Ba Na Hills from Da Nang?

It’s about 35 kilometers away from Da Nang city.

How to get to Sun World Ba Na Hills Da Nang

There are several ways to get to Ba Na Hills Da Nang. You can either choose to do a tour with a guide and take a bus up to the top of the hill or you can easily take a Grab Taxi or any taxi up to the top of the mountain. Finding a taxi on the way back down isn’t too difficult either. Many of the drivers will be right outside of the amusement park and will ask if you need a ride. 

Some people have stated you can hire a driver for 500,000 to 700,000 VND which is a decent price for a round trip. They will pick you up from your hotel and drop you back off. Although, I took a motorbike taxi on the way up for about 150,000 VND and found a taxi driver to take me back down for 300,000 VND. 

Cable Car
Cable Car to Ba Na Hills Da Nang

Once you arrive at the park and walk through the front area, there will be a cable car you will take up the mountain to get to the main attractions.

How much does Ba Na Hills Da Nang cost? 

Adults: 750,000 VND
Children (1-1.3 meters): 600,000 VND
Children under 1 meter: Free

These prices include the following: 

  • Cable car fees
  • 10% VAT
  • Games and rides at Fantasy Park
  • Wine Cellar
  • Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens


Additional Fees: 

  • All you can eat buffet: 245,000 – 225,000 VND
  • Wax Museum: 100,000 VND
  • Drinks and meals: Varies

What time does Ba Na Hills open?

Ba Na Hills is open from 07:30 AM – 09:30 PM.

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