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Cimer Spa at Paradise City

Korea is known for its jimjilbangs and spa culture. Koreans care about beauty, skin health, exercise, and more. A great way to escape from intense work and school environments, most Korean will escape to a spa to relax and wind down. Cimer Spa at Paradise City is a fairly new and famous spa located in South Korea.

Cimer Spa at Paradise City

What is Cimer Spa?

Cimer spa is a place where you can enjoy the pool, spa, several saunas, steam rooms and get massages and more. In the summer heat, it’s a great way to escape for the weekend and enjoy clean pools. You can also avoid being in the direct sunlight, relax and wind down from a busy week. It’s a weekend escape great for adults. 

Where is Cimer Spa?

Address: 186, Yeongjonghaeannam-ro 321beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon

Cimer Spa is in Paradise City which is fairly close to Incheon Airport, which is a new and recently developed area.

How to get to Cimer Spa

You can take the subway all the way to Incheon Airport and transfer at the airport terminal 1 to the subway line for Paradise City. The subway stop is called Paradise City. If the subway is too far for you to take, I suggest you take a cab to the airport. You can also rent a car if you feel comfortable driving in South Korea to get there. Parking is free for up to 7 hours if you use the Cimer Spa services. 

You can also take the shuttle from Terminal 1 or 2. From the terminal, it passes by every 20minutes at gate 3 and (5 mins later) at gate 14. Every hour at 25 and 45 it passes by terminal 2.

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Is there an age requirement for Cimer Spa?

Yes, you have to be at least 10 years old to be allowed into Cimer Spa.

How much is Cimer Spa?

There are 2 different packages for Cimer Spa. If you join for their membership, which is free, you can get 30% off each time you come to Cimer Spa.

*From July 26th to August 16th we’ll enter the dreaded REALLY HIGH PEAK SEASON and Cimer will be accessible for 70.000w during that period.
From July 26th the reduction system will also change. Rewards members will get 15% off while people who booked a room at the main hotel/hotel Paradiso will get 30% off.


Aqua Spa Tickets

  • Aqua Spa tickets allow access to all facilities on 1F, 2F, and 3F of Cimer including the Aqua Spa Zone and the Jjimjil Spa Zone.
  • Valid for 6 hours

Operating Hours

Mon-Fri: 10:00 – 19:00
Sat, Sun, Holidays: 10:00 – 23:00



Summer Season: July – August

Adults: 60,000 KRW
Youth: 48,000 KRW

Normal Season

Adults: 46,000 KRW
Youth: 36,000 KRW




Jimjil Spa Tickets

  • Jjimjil Spa tickets allow access to all the facilities of the Jjimjil Spa Zone located on 2F and 3F of Cimer.
  • Valid for 4 hours

Operating Hours

It is closed every Monday.



Monday through Friday 

Adults: 25,000 KRW
Youth: 20,000 KRW

Weekends, Holidays and Summer Season

Adults: 30,000 KRW
Youth: 24,000 KRW

Night Jimilbang (Adults ONLY – Valid  9 Hours)
45,000 KRW


If you want to rent sunbeds, cabanas or single and double laying beds, it does cost extra for those areas.

Cimer Spa's Main Lobby
Cimer Spa’s Main Lobby

Cimer Spa Entrance

As soon as you walk up to the Cimer building entrance you will see the large Cimer sign. Behind that sign, you will see windows where you can purchase your tickets for the day. Once you receive your ticket, you will be given a number on the ticket which is the number for your locker for the day.


Lockers | Cimer Spa


After you walk inside of the building you will reach a step to the left-hand side where you will need to take off your shoes and find your shoe locker storage. You will place your shows into the locker and remove the wristband that unlocks and locks the locker for you. 

You will use the same wristband to access inside the entrance. Like the subways, there is a place where you scan the bracelet in order to open the entrance and exit gates. 

After you have walked into the hallway, you will reach an area where you will be given a towel, Jimjil robe, and shorts.  You can then access your lockers for your clothing and personal belongings for the day. Here you will change into your swimsuit, Jimjil robes, etc.


Inside there are always public showers where you can wash your body and the spa provides shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash, and towels. 

Vanity Space

After you are done showering, you can borrow a hair dryer, fan, facial lotions and more where you can get ready. There are plenty of mirrors where you can refresh your makeup and get ready for a night out into the city. 

Aqua Spa Attractions at Cimer Spa (includes Jimjil Spa)

This is the full package pretty much. There are a few things you would need to pay for additionally, but this includes all of the water areas. Standing and hanging out in a swimsuit in these areas are common and most people leave all their clothing within the lockers.

Water Plaza
Water Plaza | Cimer Spa

Cimer Spa’s Popular Water Plaza – Main Pool Area

The water plaza areas are the main pool area within Cimer Spa. Here you can enjoy the large pool and splash around. Be sure to remember to bring your own floaties to use within the pool. The pool does not provide any. There is an area where you can fill them up with air near the sunbed and cabana rental area for free. Most of the beds in this area you have to rent and will cost you extra. However, if you want a bed there are a few areas where you can easily get one for free especially if you show up early. 

Additionally, in the water plaza area, there is a steam room that is easily accessible. The steam room I found to be quite empty throughout the day, but I really enjoyed spending some time in there. It did, however, feel pretty cold after coming out. 

Aqua Club

The Aqua Club is adjacent to the Water Plaza area. In this area, Cimer provides yoga classes like beer yoga and you can also sit in the spas that have jets. They usually place many colored balls in this area for you to enjoy. There is a lit up screen behind it with fancy images moving across the screen. The water is slightly warmer than the pool, although I wouldn’t say that it is very similar to a hot spa.

Virtual Spa at Cimer Spa
Virtual Spa at Cimer Spa

Virtual Spa

In the virtual spa, you can easily relax and even take a nap in this room. The room is completely dark with the exception of the beautifully ever-changing nature screen placed behind the pool. You can sit in the water and in the dark and enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding you. Here the beds are free and easy to grab if you want an area to put your stuff or just want to relax poolside. 

Infinity Pool

Upstairs you can enjoy a view of the water plaza and enjoy some time in the infinity pool. This has a glass wall where you can see through. Many people loved taking photos from below in this photo. There are a few lounging chairs up here as well that you can enjoy.

Outdoor Pool at Cimer Spa

Outdoor Pool

If you want to be outside and layout to tan, you can by going to the outdoor pool. There are a few free beds out here as well that you can use. Right next to the outdoor pool is the Sports Bar where you can get some alcoholic beverages to enjoy by the pool. There are some very expensive cabanas that you can rent here as well if you have a large group of people and want a larger space to rent.

Water Slides

Cimer Spa’s Water Slides

What waterpark or fancy pool area doesn’t have a water slide built in? There are 2 water slides included in the Aqua Spa package where you can ride solo or with someone else. There are rafts available to grab and take upstairs to slide down these fairly large slides and into the pool of water.


Cave Pool | Cimer Spa
Cave Pool | Cimer Spa

Cave Pool at Cimer Spa

For the most part, all the pools are fairly heated within the complex. However, the cave pool is one of the colder pools based on the location. We found this one to be a bit more private due to the temperature of the water. This pool has beautiful views with a waterfall feature which feels great on your back. The pressure from the water provided a great water massage. The beds here were accessible for free as well.

Sports Bar at Cimer Spa

Sports Bar

The sports bar doesn’t have a lot of alcohol options, but there are a few options. I did find their drinks to be quite expensive, but it’s expected in a place like this where everything is in one place. I do hope they add a margarita or something like that to their list of drinks.

[one-half-first]Food Plaza[/one-half-first][one-half]Food Plaza[/one-half]

Food Plaza at Cimer Spa

The food plaza is a food court in the lower level near the Water Plaza. Here you are able to get quite a few delicious foods like pizza, burgers, pho, fried chicken and more. We found the food to be pretty delicious and large portions which were great to share. Although, we definitely went overboard in our orders and order more food than we needed. I suggest you order one thing and then share, you can always order more. 

Rental Shop

At the rental shop, this is where you can purchase to rent cabanas, sun chairs, and more. They also include a larger beach towel for each person to dry with and a cute plastic drawstring bag to help keep your items dry. 

Infinity Bar 8

On the 3rd floor, there is another upstairs bar and outdoor infinity pool with heated spas. You can enjoy a drink here and lounge in the upstairs hot spas and enjoy a view of an empty field. This was a very quiet bar, but quite nice in their aesthetics. Cimer Spa did not disappoint in design, furniture, and style. It is a very beautiful spa perfect for anyone trying to relax and enjoy the water. 

Jimjil Spa Attractions at Cimer Spa

Now onto the Jimjil Spa Attractions. The Jimjil Spa attractions are all pretty much upstairs on the second level of the building. You have to be clothed in the robes the resort provides you with. Swimsuits are not allowed in this area. Most of these areas are filled with dry saunas. I won’t go into too much detail since they are all fairly the same with different insides.

Bulgama at Cimer Spa


Temperature: 85 Degrees Celsius
A traditional dry sauna in a small shallow doorway found on the 3rd floor.

Amethyst Room

Amethyst Room

Temperature: 65 Degrees Celsius
The amethyst room is a dry sauna where that is filled with amethyst crystals. Here you can enjoy this heated sauna, lay down and relax. 

Salt Room

Temperature: 65 Degrees Celsius
The salt room is a dry sauna made of clean salt which helps bring out any impurities.

Charcoal Room

Charcoal Room

Temperature: 65 Degrees Celsius
This dry sauna is filled with dry charcoal and helps eliminate heavy metals and other chemical toxicity from our bodies.

Ice Room at Cimer Spa

Ice Room

Temperature: 13 Degrees Celsius
When you need a break from these hot sauna rooms, this room is the perfect place to cool down. It is very cold and refreshing to help beat the heat and reduce your body temperature. 

Wave Room

Temperature: 28 Degrees Celsius
The wave room is a way to help your mind relax. There are cooling and soothing lights that make it relaxing and enjoyable. It can be somewhat cold with the stone seating even though the Suntree room and Wave room are the same temperatures.

Suntree Room

Temperature: 28 Degrees Celsius
The Suntree room felt like a room that was at room temperature. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. This room is for aromatherapy to enjoy the smells of nature. 

Foot Spa

The foot spa is on the 3rd floor where you can walk on some rocks in hot water. This helps with circulation and discharge of toxins. There are areas where you can sit and soak your feet.

Cimer Spa’s Relaxation Room

In the relaxation room, you can relax in the lounge chairs, take a nap or watch TV. There are personal TVs for each chair and you can just lounge around and relax. Sometimes you don’t want to be in the water or in the hot saunas, this is a great way to just enjoy your alone time.

Community Room

Community Room

This is an area where you can relax, drink some water, get some snacks or drinks out of the vending machines, spend time chatting with people and more. I believe there are some books you can read as well. This room is filled with chairs, tables, and couches. 

Fitness Room

This is a room where you can practice yoga or do body workouts on your own. This room is surrounded with mirrors so if you are a dancer, it is a great place to practice your moves as well. I’m not sure if any classes are offered or not, we did not see any while we were there, but we did see a lot of yoga mats available. 

Skin and Body Shop

At the skin and body shop, there are quite a few packages you can get to feel rejuvenated and skin restoration. 

Nail Bar

I’m not sure if the nail bar is up and running yet, but it was closed when we went over the weekend. It may still be very new or they were just closed during the time we were there. However, having this option available is great for people who want to get their nails done at the same time. 

The Restaurant at Cimer Spa

The restaurant is fairly pricey, it was out of our budget for the day since we rented out a few chairs. However, from what we saw on the menu, the food looked delicious and was more on the traditional Korean side. The restaurant looked very beautiful and would be good for someone wanting a more fancy dinner. 

Cimer Spa’s Snack Bar

The snack bar is just that, a place to get coffee, snacks like chips, fruit, or boiled eggs. There are bartop tables where you can stand, but in the lobby area, you can enjoy some padded seating.

Juice Bar

Juice Bar

There is a Juice Bar on the second floor, which seems like a location just to get alcoholic beverages that you can get throughout the spas. Just another bar to order drinks except they also have bubble tea. 

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