Top 10 Things to do in Phuket

Explore Phang Nga Bay

This was one of my favorite places to visit while staying in Phuket.  Phang Nga Bay has beautiful greenish blue waters with amazing tours to visit James Bond Island, many caves and plenty of areas to swim.
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Eco-Friendly Travel Products (Earth Day Edition)

In honor of Earth Day today, April 22, I wanted to do something to remind travelers that they can be more eco-friendly to protect the earth that we love to explore.   My new year’s resolution for the last two years have been focused on being more environmentally friendly.  As someone who has traveled to many Asian countries, especially in Southeast Asia, you often seen the debris and lack of education on protecting the world we live in.  Travelers all over the world, travel to countries where there is so much history and some of that history have been preserved and others that you dream of seeing have been ruined from trash or pollution.  Today my goal is to educate others on how to be an eco-friendly traveler by sharing some of my favorite products.

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Work or Travel-

Career or Travel? Why not BOTH!

Many travel bloggers that travel have often quit their careers to travel the world.  They have been able to make a lot of money after long hard commitment to blogging about their travel experiences, giving expert travel advice and networking with many companies and bloggers to support their blogging business. However, what if blogging isn’t the career for you?  What if you want to travel the world and still keep your career in your hometown?  Traveling can be somewhat of a drug in, which you start and may never want to stop and when you do, your withdrawal can be hard to overcome in a work environment.  Here are some of the tips for being able to travel and keep your job at home.

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My Travel and Blog Anniversary 2015

A year ago today I started my blogging about my travels, which was a great stepping stone to recording memories of my travel experiences not only for myself, but to share with readers like you!  This “Blog” just started out as a personal diary and a reflection of things I have been able to accomplish through my travel experiences.  In the past year, I have been to several countries, experienced countless once in a lifetime opportunities and have been able to inspire many readers in accomplishing their dreams as well.

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Beach Day Essentials2

Beach Essentials

With my trip to Thailand approaching fast, all I can think about is the nice warm tropical weather, walking around in my swimsuit and laying out on the beach.  I made a trip to Santa Cruz for Valentine’s Day because I missed the beach so much and wanted to tan a little before my trip by soaking up the warm California sun and getting some Vitamin D.  Living in California makes it easy to just get up and go to the beach. For me beach essentials means having these items ready at all times for that last minute trip to the beach with your friends or family. Most of these items I try to keep pre-packed in a tote or backpack. These are the items that help me throughout my day at the beach.   Continue Reading


Rome in 2 Days

Over the summer, I was able to see all of Italy in 8 days which was amazing.  I was able to see Rome, Naples, Almalfi, Positano, Pisa, Florence, Venice and Milan in that short duration.  I wouldn’t change the experience at all.  I was able to spend two days in Rome in which we were able to see everything on our list and then some.  Rome was one of my favorite destinations in Italy.  If you wanted to see how I did Italy in a week, check out my blog post here.  This post is how I did Rome in 2 days and the itinerary we had for our trip. I hope these tips help and the itinerary be the start of your great adventure.

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Adventures in Monterey, CA

When you live in Northern California, you find ways to keep yourself entertained which often leads to random road trips, last minute planning, hiking excursions and adventurous areas to explore.  Living in Sacramento, we often leave for the beach and a few of our favorite places include Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Monterey Bay and Bodega Bay. Of course there is more than just these locations, but it depends on things we want to accomplish that day.  There are so many other nooks and crannies to explore other than just these major beach towns, but it is fun to explore these areas again and again.  Driving up and down highway 101 is a breathtaking drive that everyone visiting California should do once in their lifetime.  It gives you a great sense of how different California can be when heading from south to north or vice versa.  Below are a few of the things I love to do in Monterey Bay, California. Continue Reading


A Girl’s Clothing Guide to Packing for Humid Climates in Southeast Asia

I have traveled to many countries and states that have humid climates and the worst thing about humid climates is feeling dirty and sweaty as soon as you step out of the shower.  I have always felt unprepared or more exhausted and hot when I have traveled with clothing that didn’t really work for my needs.  With my trip to Thailand quickly approaching, I thought now would be the perfect time to discuss how to dress for humid climates.  Now, the clothes I am suggesting are not going to make you feel more refreshed in humid climates, but it will help you feel more prepared and ultimately get you thinking to make decisions that make you feel comfortable in hot climates.

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Swimming with Whale Sharks in Oslob

Swimming with whale sharks was such a surreal experience. It was scary as hell but so exciting to be next to these sweet animals. It was scary because their mouths are huge and when they got close, you think you would get sucked in with the amount of water and food they suck in.

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2016 New Year’s Resolution for the Traveler

With the New Year already approaching, I wanted to reflect on things that I want to focus for 2016. Here are a of few resolutions that I have created for myself that I feel that many travelers can relate to or even set for themselves as well.

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