Adventures in Yosemite National Park


NOW is the best time to travel to California and especially visit any of our National Parks. California has been in a drought for a little over 6 years causing most of our reservoirs to be below 50% capacity. The past fall, winter and spring has brought on so much rain that most of Northern California is now drought free. Most of our reservoirs are now at full capacity and we are still struggling to keep up with all of the water in our rivers, lakes and waiting for the snow to melt in the mountains to fill these areas even more. So why is this important might you ask? This means that most of our natural waterfalls, rivers, lakes and national parks are luscious and filled with greenery, beautiful wildflowers and gorgeous full waterfalls.

Yosemite is probably one of the most popular National Parks in California and lately has been filled with tourists and locals. Many people are taking the trips and visiting our National Parks and thankfully our fire warnings are LOW (however, that doesn’t mean it won’t change as we reach the dryer months over the summer), which has been rare for most of us Californians to see. With the huge amount of crowds it has been hard to find parking if you arrive too late and according to some locals some people have even stated they needed to wait 3 hours to enter into the park.  I recommend arriving early like around 8-9 am if you want to park near half dome and hike some of the trails. Noon is when it started to be pretty packed as lack of parking was available.

Well here are some of my favorite photos from my most recent trip and hopefully it inspires you to visit.


IMG_3950 IMG_3880 IMG_3882




IMG_3891    IMG_3905    IMG_3926


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What are some of your favorite National Parks to visit? Leave your comment below!