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Favorite Travel Accessories for 2017

When traveling, you often try to find new and different products to make your travel experience more comfortable and stress-free.  You think of new ideas or ways to make the experience better than the last.  After traveling internationally for over 20+ flights, I have learned what has worked for me and what I really look for in a product.  Below are a few of my favorite travel accessories to have for 2017!


  1. Fujifilm XT-20

So when my tax refund came rolling around (so lucky I even got one this year), I splurged on this bad boy.  I have been wanting the XT-10 for over a year now and they came out with a newer version so I couldn’t help but get this.  My picture quality has increased dramatically! What I love about this camera is how light weight it is (weight less than a lb.!) compared to my Nikon D3200. I can’t deny that I also dig it’s sophisticated classic style.

  1. meFoto Backpack Air Tripodbackpacker-air

This product is stylish, affordable, and incredibly light! As a traveler, weight is a huge factor for me since traveling light is what I do my best to accomplish (sometimes I fail, don’t you worry), but having products like these help making traveling that more bearable.

  1. Multi USB Charger

With the products I bring with me, my phone, portable battery charger, watch, etc., sometimes charger areas are very limited. I like to bring one just in case and it’s a great way to share with family and friends.

  1. Portable Power Bank

As a photo junkie, I love to have this as a back up for my GoPro, Cell Phone and other electronic accessories for flight, for wandering the cities and while waiting for an open outlet to plug into.


  1. Yes to Cucumber Face Wipes

These are perfect for when you do not feel fresh and need to wipe your face, take your makeup off, feel fresh or even wipe your hands down. I love to keep these on hand for all of my trips.

  1. Go Brings

I can not rave about this product more! This product has been a life changer for myself.  As someone who is trying to be a bit more eco friendly, although it is a bit difficult to do, I love that this product is reusable and not another plastic item that I am throwing away to sit in a landfill.  These are my favorite travel bottles that get every little bit of product out of the “toob” and into your hand. They have wide mouths for easy refill and a suction cup for those times when you have no shelf to hold your bottles up. I absolutely love these.

  1. Nature Republic Face Masks

I love having sheet masks on hand because they don’t take up much space, they keep your face hydrated and they are affordable.  Usually a sheet face mask runs about $1 each or so.


  1. Travelon Anti-Theft Bags or PacSafe Bags

I love these Travelon Anti-Theft Bags or PackSafe Bags because they make me feel secure when traveling. These bags provide a ton of extra security with RFID protection for passports and cards, no slash material, plenty of space and locking clips to keep zippers closed.

  1. Lo & Sons OMG or OG Bag

og_grngdcm_front_375x500One of my favorite travel bags for personal items is my OMG or OG bag. I love this back because of its cleverly designed organizational pouches and sections. It was a very thought out bag that provides space and comfort. I prefer to use this bag for business, however, it can be used more than that. I sometimes prefer a backpack for travel when I need to move from several destinations and/or wanting to be hands free while touring the city.




Lularoe Carly
  1. Lularoe Leggings and/or Carly Dress

So I am sure there are some Lularoe Fans out there, but I absolutely love wearing these for my long haul flights.  The great thing about the Carly dress is it’s versatility.  It is a bit of a moo moo dress that you can bunch up and make more fitted as needed.  When I travel, I need as much space in my clothing as possible. I love that I can take this dress from dressing up to dressing down in no time. If you haven’t tried Lularoe leggings, this is a must!! They are called velvety and butter soft which feels so great along your skin.  On top of that they come in a variety of prints and patterns that make you look fashionable yet feel like you are wearing your pajamas.

What are your TOP travel accessories for 2017? I would love to find new products, let me know in the comments!

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