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Top 10 Things to do in Bohol, Philippines

Every Christmas and New Year’s I go back to the Philippines to spend time with my family who live there. Each time I visit, we try to top the previous year’s holiday vacation excursions as a family.  Last year, I was able to swim with Whale Sharks in Oslob, just south of Cebu City. This year was the trip of a lifetime and we were able to explore Bohol.

Here I mention my highlights from the trip which can be done in 2 days’ time (which includes more to dos than what is listed in this post)

  1. Tarsier Sanctuary

The Tarsier Sanctuary was a very interesting exhibit to explore.  The Tarsier is part of the primate family and are the smallest primates in the world. Unfortunately, the Tarsier is on the endangered species list and are protected in these sanctuaries.  Tarsiers are nocturnal animals and known to commit suicide when scared by loud sounds and noises. Please be sure to respect these little guys and understand this in order to keep them protected.


  1. Jungle Cruise

This is for the romantics out there. I mean it is perfect for the single ladies and gentlemen, however, it definitely provide a romantic charm with music performed by a live guitarist, performances from dancers and dinner on the Loboc River. The wait however, can be a bit overwhelming with hot and humid temperatures in the Philippines, but it is a cute small cruise ending with a small waterfall. This is a must see when visiting Bohol.

  1. Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills, what can I saw about Mother Nature’s creativity. The Chocolate Hills were an interesting view with about 200+ steps to the top (it used to be 214 to represent Valentine’s Day and the romantic couples, but due to an Earthquake, the steps were rebuilt), it was a breath of fresh air. This was a unique experience and you won’t be able to find this anywhere else in the world. The Chocolate Hills were green when I visited, however during their dry season, the Hills are typically brown in color hence the title Chocolate Hills.

  1. Hanging Bridge

The hanging bridge is exactly what it sounds like. The original hanging bridge is made of complete bamboo, which this bridge is still mostly made of making it difficult for those afraid of heights. They have reinforced this bridge with heavy duty metal cables.


  1. Mahogany Man Made Forest

Now, to some of us from the US, this Mahogany Man Made Forest may look like something we have seen before, however, to see this growing in the Philippines is a rare site. It was beautiful to take pictures next to and watching along our drive.

  1. Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Gardens are pretty amazing to visit in the Philippines. They often show the cycle of the butterfly along with being able to hold and experience the butterflies around you.

  1. Shell Museum

If you love shells, this is a pretty cool exhibit to look at all the types of shells they have in the Philippines.


  1. Blood Compact Shrine

This was a monumental site for the History of the Philippines, a blood compact between Europe and Asia as a form of friendship and alliance.

  1. Beaches

I love the beaches in all of the Philippines, so any opportunity you can take to visit the beaches is the perfect vacation for me. Bohol has beautiful white sand beaches with warm waters.


10. The Bohol Bee Farm

The Bohol Bee Farm is famous in all of Bohol. This little bee farm provides tours from production line to the final product, they sell products like honey spread, flavored honey (must try the spicy honey if you like spicy things), homemade ice cream from the BUZZZ with unique flavors, mats, chap stick and so much more made from the products they make in house from the Bee Farm.

Well there you have it, these are some of the top 10 things that I found to do in Bohol, what are some of yours that I forgot to add to this list? Please leave your comments below! I’d love to see what I missed or should go back and see.