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Eco-Friendly Travel Products (Earth Day Edition)

In honor of Earth Day today, April 22, I wanted to do something to remind travelers that they can be more eco-friendly to protect the earth that we love to explore.   My new year’s resolution for the last two years have been focused on being more environmentally friendly.  As someone who has traveled to many Asian countries, especially in Southeast Asia, you often seen the debris and lack of education on protecting the world we live in.  Travelers all over the world, travel to countries where there is so much history and some of that history have been preserved and others that you dream of seeing have been ruined from trash or pollution.  Today my goal is to educate others on how to be an eco-friendly traveler by sharing some of my favorite products.

Products by LUSH05564

By far, some of my favorite bath products are made by LUSH. One of my favorite products are their Shampoo Bars. No only, does this cut down on your limit of liquid products while traveling, all of LUSH’s products are vegan. LUSH has made a vow to be ambassadors to reducing their carbon footprint by limiting the amount of packaging they use and using packaging that is recycled or compostable. Also, by using shampoo bars, you are saving gallons of water used to make liquid shampoo.


Last year was the first year that I started solely using reusable bags when shopping.  With two years running under my belt on accomplishing my New Year’s resolution, it has been a lot easier to be more conscious of my carbon footprint and what it makes on this earth.  I always make sure to pack a small reusable bag for my trips or when purchasing items be sure to fill my backpack and refuse plastic bags.  Some of my favorite reusable bags are made by Baggu, these bags fold up to be compact and are fairly large totes.  I like to pack these in my backpack when walking around and they come in handy when I need them.


Now, I know that traveling with a water il_570xN.725248412_oqnwbottle can be bulky and annoying if your forget to empty your water bottle prior to going to TSA, however, reusable water bottles are a great way to reduce your plastic usage.  Buying a water bottle every time you need water leaves you with purchasing plastic which at times may not even be recycled by companies or other countries. One concern you may have is in countries where water may not be as safe to drink, one of the solutions to that would be buying a steriPEN to ensure that your water is safe to drink.  A benefit to having your own water bottle is being able to drink water as needed on long plane rides, if you have a hydroflask or S’well (my favorite products) it can keep your water cold up to 24 hours, and last longer than small waterbottles.

solar-mint_1024x1024SOLAR Chargers

These are great for travel especially when you need to charge your devices in a pinch.  My favorite product is made by Charge Cords. Why do I love this product? Because they come in beautiful colors, not only can you charge them by the sun, they can also be charged by USB if you are unable to charge them solely through the sun.  They are perfect for long travels and trips to the beach.

GoToob Reusable Liquid ContainersGoToob+Buy+Image

It is important to understand that reusable bottles are important for travel, when you purchase those small travel size products, they are used up in a short amount of time and the bottles are a one time use.  What I love about GoToob is that these bottles use up the entire product because they are malleable which helps get the last bit of your product out of the bottle.

Now that I have listed some of my favorite eco-friendly products. What steps do you take to be an eco-consious traveler? I’m always looking for ways to be greener! Leave your tips in the comments below.


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