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Career or Travel? Why not BOTH!

Many travel bloggers that travel have often quit their careers to travel the world.  They have been able to make a lot of money after long hard commitment to blogging about their travel experiences, giving expert travel advice and networking with many companies and bloggers to support their blogging business. However, what if blogging isn’t the career for you?  What if you want to travel the world and still keep your career in your hometown?  Traveling can be somewhat of a drug in, which you start and may never want to stop and when you do, your withdrawal can be hard to overcome in a work environment.  Here are some of the tips for being able to travel and keep your job at home.



Sure we all wish to have that nomadic lifestyle that allows us to wander and explore the world and be free from jobs that tie us down.  Sometimes that path is not feasible for those that may have a family or people that need to put time into their careers in order to gain work experience or those that want to plan their future with their husband, family and/or retirement.  It is never too late to start traveling in life, but the most important thing is to know that traveling is a priority on your list.


If you happen to be a college student, I feel it is best to travel and explore as a student.  Not only does it open up your perspective on life, give you life lessons and the experience to relate to other cultures, it is by far easier while in school than while working a full time job. One of the reasons, is because as a student, you have set vacation times (spring break, winter break, summer break etc.) which makes it easier to plan your time around this open availability, while in a career, you have to save and earn time off.  Second, you already are in debt with loans which you will need to pay back, why not save some of your hard earned money from a part time job to pay for a trip to travel around the world.  Third, after you graduate you will have to look for careers which may take time, you should take the time for yourself and as Aziz says “Treat yo’self” for all the hard work you have accomplished.



If you have a full time career like myself, make the most of it.  Don’t give excuses to not traveling the world.  Instead, make excuses to travel.  If it is important to you, you will find a way to make it happen.  When I lost my mother to cancer, I realized that life is short and I need to do what I can to make the most of my life.  I had to re-evaluate my life and wonder, will having all of these bills to purchase materialistic things make me richer in life?  Instead I realized that these items made me more worried about things that depreciate in time.  Traveling is something that does make me richer in life by appreciating what I do have and is something I can always take with me while material items will not.  Traveling as many quotes say, makes you into a story teller and helps your write your own path in life.  Now, for me, I personally have a job that I absolutely love and my job loves me, if you happen to be burnt out or dislike your job, maybe re-evaluate your career path. For me, traveling gives me that light at the end of the tunnel, something to look forward to when the workday is over.  When I feel overworked, I think about all of the things I plan to do on my trip, making it a whirlwind of excitement and adventure.  I often times will plan my next trip before my next vacation is over.


Finally, if you happen to be retired, take this time to enjoy your life.  Do the things you love and make sure you make it count. You have made it this far in life, this is your time to spend time with people you care about, go to places on your long bucket list, and a great way to spend quality time on yourself in which maybe you weren’t able to because of family or other responsibilities.


Whatever you decide to do, never choose between travel and work, always choose BOTH!



2 thoughts on “Career or Travel? Why not BOTH!

    1. Thanks! Definitely true! I see a lot of people who give excuses about not traveling but honestly, if it is a priority, you will always make time for both.

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