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Beach Essentials

With my trip to Thailand approaching fast, all I can think about is the nice warm tropical weather, walking around in my swimsuit and laying out on the beach.  I made a trip to Santa Cruz for Valentine’s Day because I missed the beach so much and wanted to tan a little before my trip by soaking up the warm California sun and getting some Vitamin D.  Living in California makes it easy to just get up and go to the beach. For me beach essentials means having these items ready at all times for that last minute trip to the beach with your friends or family. Most of these items I try to keep pre-packed in a tote or backpack. These are the items that help me throughout my day at the beach.  


I have to bring my water bottle to stay hydrated during the summertime, but I especially love my Hydroflask because it keeps items cold for up to 24 hours! I hate having to drink warm water when you just want to lay out on the beach and enjoy yourself. I love to fill this water bottle with ice and cold water for my trips. If I am with a large group, sure we may bring an ice chest with drinks, but when only you and your best friend are going, it can be excessive and annoying to carrying out onto the sand when trying to find a good place to relax. S’well is a nice water bottle to have as well if you want something that is smaller to hold your water and this bottle keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours as well.

Swell il_570xN.725248412_oqnw


How can you go to the beach and not bring a beach towel?  I love to bring a mat too, because when you need to dry off at least you have a towel to dry off with when you are done.  A mat isn’t necessary, but it is convenient especially since my mat can hold two people and I will end up using my towel as a pillow to relax on.



The worst thing you can do to your skin is get too much sun exposure and a sunburn.  To keep your skin healthy, stay hydrated with lotion and protect yourself from the elements. I prefer to use spray sunblocks only because they do not leave hand print marks when you tan or burn. I love to finish the day at the beach with the Hawaiian Tropic Aloe Vera Hydration.  My thirsty skin soaks up all the lovely moisture this lotions has to offer.



I just recently broke my beach bag on my last trip, however, I am looking into another beach bag with more compartments since I love to keep things organized and separated.  So let me know if you have a favorite beach bag in the comments below!  This is a necessity for me, but I may being using my cute Victoria’s Secret bag in the mean time.




Keep your eyes protected from the rays and help yourself get some shut eye while laying out.  Sunglasses are definitely a necessity.  Sunglasses are a great way to make a statement at the beach and go with any outfit.



Hair Ties, Hair Brush, Sea Salt Spray or Texturizer.  I love to have all of these on hand to keep my hair protected, out of my face and stylish after laying out.  Sometimes I have plans after spending time at the beach like grabbing a bite to eat with friends and hair maintenance is a must after my beach days.

Top5SummerSpray il_570xN.470748573_1uck


The worst is not being able to take photos of your adventurous day at the beach.  I use my phone for a lot of things such as music, reading books, watching shows, or just taking photos of the beautiful scenery around me.  I love my Charge Cords solar charger because it can be charged up before hand through USB or charged through the sun.  Oh and it happens to be in my favorite color!  It comes with a hook so it is easy to just hook it on to your bag and go.



This is definitely a given, but my favorites right now are my saltwater sandals.  I love these sandals because they are comfortable to wear, perfect for the beach, great for walking and stylish to wear with cute dresses or any other summer outfit.  These complete my summer looks and have proven to be more than essential for me.


Aside from the essentials, here are some other items that I love to keep on hand as well:

  • Chapstick – The worst is getting chapped or sunburnt lips.  I have a tendency to get cracks in the corner of my mouths and keeping hydrated is super important during warm weather including keep your lips mosturized.
  • Face wipes or Baby wipes – I recommend face wipes or at least baby wipes to help wipe the dirt off your face.  Baby wipes are for multiple use such as wiping your hands, feet, and face.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Omg, as a germaphobe this is probably my go to item for the beach.  I hate having dirty hands and love having hand sanitizer to keep my hands feeling fresh and clean especially before eating.
  • Snacks/Lunch – I love to pack snacks for when I get hungry.  When I plan to go to the beach, it usually consists of staying there for long periods of time.  If there isn’t a place to get a snack or if I want to save money, I love packing my own nutritious snacks or a mason jar salad in a lunch box.  Mason jar salads are easy to prep and convenient in which you can just shake and eat.  When it comes to snacks, I love to pack nuts, granola bars, snap peas or fruits.  I usually want something that will last a while or hydrate me.
  • Portable Speaker – This isn’t as essential, but can be super convenient especially when at the beach with a lot of people.  Playing music and listening to music on the beach is one of my favorite things to do.  I love just relaxing, sipping my water, and listening to fun and playful music.  If you are more of a reader, this might not be something for you and your phone speaker might be good enough or some headphones to tune out the noise around you.
  • Wet Bag with Extra Underwear or Clothing – Now this is crucial for me.  Having a large chest makes wearing swimsuits difficult at times.  I usually get sore around the neck after being in my swimsuit for two long so I love to pack an extra pair of underwear or clothing.  It is also great if you plan on going out and grabbing something to eat after your fun day at the beach.  One of my favorite things to do after spending the day in Santa Cruz is going to dinner at Shadowbrook in Capitola.  The problem is Shadowbrook has a slight dress code so I try to pack a dress and sandals with straps because they do not accept flip flops. The wet bag is important in case your swimsuit happens to be wet by the time you leave in which you can put your wet swimsuit in this bag to prevent other things in your car or bag from getting wet.
  • One Truffle Bag – I love to use this bag to keep my items protected.  This bag is clear so you can see all of your small items and keep them protected from the water and dirt.



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