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Rome in 2 Days

Over the summer, I was able to see all of Italy in 8 days which was amazing.  I was able to see Rome, Naples, Almalfi, Positano, Pisa, Florence, Venice and Milan in that short duration.  I wouldn’t change the experience at all.  I was able to spend two days in Rome in which we were able to see everything on our list and then some.  Rome was one of my favorite destinations in Italy.  If you wanted to see how I did Italy in a week, check out my blog post here.  This post is how I did Rome in 2 days and the itinerary we had for our trip. I hope these tips help and the itinerary be the start of your great adventure.
Step 1: Plan and Conquer

The first step is planning on what sites you want to see most and view them on a map to see how much in proximity they are to each other. We divided our sites into pretty much two major categories which was the Colosseum and the Vatican.  The Vatican takes a very long time to get through and I highly suggest you join a tour guide if possible and you must start your day early as the line gets long. I then grouped the Colosseum with the Forum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps. Luckily, for us we were able to see everything for free since free museum day is on the last Sunday of the month, however, that means longer lines, but since it was summertime long lines were typical for us. Although Rome wasn’t built in a day, it doesn’t mean you can’t conquer your quest in Rome.

Step 2: Get a Roma Pass
Now this saved us time and money.  The Roma Pass was a lifesaver which allowed us to travel all over Rome using unlimited public transportation for only 28,00 € ~ $31.26 for 48 hours. If you happen to arrive and are not lucky like we were about arriving on the last Sunday of the month for free museum tours, the Roma Pass gets you into 1 museum for free unless you purchase the 3 day pass which allows two museums included in the Roma Pass.

Step 3: Stay Hydrated
Now during the summer time, it can be very hot so you need to prepare for the weather there (when it comes to clothing prep for it to be humid, sticky and unbearably hot, however, you will need items to cover up for the churches, so I suggest bringing a scarf and wearing a maxi dress and plan to visit all the churches and the Vatican City in one day).  I recommend bringing your own water bottle as water can be very expensive after traveling all over Italy.  You may think it isn’t too bad to spend $2-4 for a water bottle each time, but trust me it will.  You usually have to pay for water during dinner service and that $2-4 can be used on gelato, meals, souvenirs, museums, city taxes and so much more. They have water fountains all over Italy where you can refill your water bottle and definitely check out this iTunes app to see find some of the water fountains.  If you have android, try this app.

Day One:
8:00 am Colosseum (I recommend getting the audio tour or download Rick Steve’s Audio Tour)
9:30 am Roma Forum and Palatine Hill
11:00 am Mouth of Truth
12:00-1:00 pm Lunch Break
1:00 pm Pantheon
2:00 pm Piazza Navona
3:00 pm Trevi Fountain
4:00 pm Spanish Steps (We ended up going the next day)
5:00 pm Dinner/Gelato/Roam Around and Take in the Beautiful City

Day Two:
7:00 am – 3:00 pm The Vatican City Tour (I felt like this was worth it because you were able to learn more about the location through the tour guides, they often let you into locations faster than while on your own, recommended great places to eat and took you throughout St. Peter’s Bascilica, Sistene Chapel, Vatican Museums and more.)
4:00 pm Spanish Steps and Shopping (We ended up being too tired to see the Spanish Steps on the first day so we went after the Vatican City Tour and was able to go shopping then)
5:00 pm Dinner
6:00 pm Pizza Della Repubblica


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