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2016 New Year’s Resolution for the Traveler

With the New Year already approaching, I wanted to reflect on things that I want to focus for 2016. Here are a of few resolutions that I have created for myself that I feel that many travelers can relate to or even set for themselves as well.


New Experiences

I want to travel to locations that I have never been to, experience food I have never tried, and explore new activities that are out of my comfort zone.  Thailand is a place that has been on my radar for quite a while and is the first trip I have planned for the new year. Thailand will be a new location for myself and will be an exciting trip for me because this will be the first international trip taken with my closest friends.  Both new experiences that I am looking forward for the new year.

Collect Memories

Memories are all that I have left of my mother.  She may not be here physically, but spiritually she is always with me.  I feel like traveling is the same in that sense. Traveling will always be in my heart and making memories are the things that will last.  Objects will not last and will not fill your heart with joy as much as traveling, family and friends will do.  Travel can be captured in photographs but the memories are what make the photographs come to life.  So with those thoughts into consideration, I wish to collect as many memories with the people that matter the most to me for this new year.

A collection of highly detailed passport stamps, all inspired from real passport stamps, but completely created using Illustrator Software.

Travel to at least 3 countries

I love to travel and traveling to 3 countries could be an easy task on my resolution for the new year.  It could even be a day trip from a layover in an airport to experience a city within a country.  I just want to be able to travel to at least 3 countries or even different places.  I hope that as I grow as a traveler that this number increases as I continue my traveling experience.

GoFundMe Savings Project

I think this year, I might start a new project.  I was reading up on a post recently on ways to save money for travel.  I already do a lot and you can see how I save money and what I do to make travel my priority in my previous blog post here.  A lot of the time people get gifts for our birthdays, holidays and whatever, I think this year I will be asking for people to contribute in making my traveling experiences happen by putting money into a GoFundMe account for my travels.  This is a great way to sponsor myself as well as a traveler.  Anyone who donates a certain amount gets a shout out or advertisement posted on my blog maybe?


More Weekend Getaways

I have been on a lot of last minute, random getaways with my friends in 2015 and I want to continue doing this.  Although, I may cut back a little bit to save for my larger adventures, I will continue to do this for my mental sanity while I am desperately waiting for my next adventure.

Learn Something NewAustralia-Scuba-Diving-over-Coral-Reef

I am never afraid to try something new, however, funds may prevent me from trying new things.  This year I want to try new things and maybe cross some items off of my bucket list, such as flying in a hot air balloon, riding an elephant in Thailand, scuba diving, etc.  Additionally, I want to learn new things about different cultures, countries, traveling tips, traveling gear and so much more.  I want to hear from you some new tips and tricks as well!

Connect with Other Travelers and Bloggers

Since I am pretty new to the blogging world, I want to reach out to others and make new friends.  I think this would an awesome experience to be able to travel with others that have the same passion as me.  This can be difficult for me since I am a very busy person with limited vacation time compared to those who travel full time, but it would be an awesome experience to travel with someone who will get me out of my comfort zone and hopefully I can get them out of theirs.20150608183942-next-great-territory-push-pins-world-map-connections-networking




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