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Ways to Stay Entertained in Flights

So you are going on a flight and you realize you have to spend anywhere from 3-19 hours to spend on an airplane.  Often times international flights provide you with some form of entertainment, however, some airlines do charge you for their in-flight entertainment and you may be better off bringing your own.  With domestic flights, you most likely will not have in-flight entertainment, however, you can pay for WiFi usage within the plane. Unfortunately, the WiFi can limit what you can do, for example you will not be able to stream your favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu.  Flights of any time frame can be exhausting and boring, however, with the right tools you can do your best to stay entertained.  Here are some of the things I bring to keep myself amused.

  1. Tablet
    This is my must have on flights, although my phone is a great alternative, the screen on my tablet is better than my smartphone.  I love my tablet because I can load it with a ton of movies and music.  I also like to prep my tablet with games that do not require internet access so that I can play games through out the duration of the flight.  Finally, a tablet is a great use for reading.  I usually load my tablet up with books and magazines to read on the plane or in the airport.  Make sure your tablet is placed in airplane mode before take off.  If you happen to be flying on a flight for 12 hours, watching approximately 6 movies covers the flight.
  2. Headphones
    10984136_1613250678962674_3507979313511117780_nNow, I used to love taking my beats headphones however, I find them extremely bulky.  As someone who likes to pack only a carry on this becomes a little bit of a problem for me.  I currently use my iPhone headphones but am looking into investing in some noise cancelling ear buds, so if you have any recommendations, leave a comment below! I would love to hear what works for you guys.  Headphones are important for me to be able to listen to movies, music, watch shows, and just to keep the noise down around me while I get some shut eye.
  3.  iPhone/Smartphone (DUH! Enough said)
  4. UNO Original_2265720_01Card Games
    UNO!!! This is totally a must have for the airplane.  If you are travelling with your family or friends, it is a great way to play a game and helps pass up the time.  Having a regular set of cards can be great for games to play with friends or just to play solitaire alone.  If you happen to be a solo traveler, it could be a great way to start a game with your neighbor on the plane and get to know them.
  5. Portable Batteries & Chargers
    These are essential to keeping your device powered on for long flights.  Some airplanes do have areas where you can plug in your devices into the seats to get power, however, sometimes I find that they charge fairly slow.  Now that may be different for everyone but I love having backup batteries for all occasions, whether in the plane or out roaming around and photographing the destination I may be at.  Don’t forget to bring your chargers and cords with you on the plane so that you can juice up you electronics while in flight or during a layover at the airport.
  6. A notebook and/or travel book
    IMG_3707Use this time to write a diary or make a list of places you want to see once you land.  This will help with some of the travel planning or add items that you may have forgotten about.  It is also great to read up on the history of the location you are traveling to so that you can be familiar with customs or traditions of the area.  I use this time to write or think of blog posts to write about.
  7. il_570xN.602696090_94w9Sleep
    Finally, sleeping definitely takes up a lot of time, it may not be the best of sleep but it helps make the time fly by. This helps me relax and forget about the time it takes to get to my destination. Sleeping helps me take some time for myself to catch up on rest before rushing into excursions.  As a busy person, this is the perfect time for me to finally be lazy.




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