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How an ipsy subscription can be beneficial to travelers

So for those of you do not know what an ipsy subscription is, it is a beauty product subscription that is only about $10 a month.  Ipsy provides you with sample deluxe to full size of makeup and skincare products.  For those of you who have an ipsy subscription or are considering getting an ipsy subscription, let me tell you how this can be beneficial to your travels.

To get started or if you are interested, click here to check it out.

Ipsy-October-2014-Beauty-Candy-670x445So first things first, if you already have an ipsy subscription then great, I know you have probably gotten all of the cute little makeup bags that come with the products.  But the awesome part about getting those bags is they are perfect for organizing your carry on travel items.  If you are like me and absolutely love packing cubes, then use these ipsy bags to your advantage.  They are perfect to store your makeup, charging cords, GoPro, hair accessories, pens/pencils and so much more!  They are stylish and beautiful bags which can be great for organizing your purse and carry on.  The best part is when you are traveling you can use these bags to switch from carry on to your purse and so much more while on the go.

Second, since most of the items are compact, they are perfect accessories to take on your trips as sample sizes.  Instead of taking your huge facial scrub or moisturizer, try using the ones provided in your ipsy bags! They are perfect for the 3-1-1 rule.  You can easily fit a lot of these products in a quart size bag.

Third, if you don’t like a product you can always go onto your ipsy subscription online and let them know so that you don’t get items like that from them anymore.  It helps categorize items that you do like for future ipsy bags.  Also, you can always re-gift these items to family and friends.  This is a perfect way to reuse your products and reduce getting products you do not like.

Fourth, if you do like the product, then it allows you to try new items and buy more of these products for future purchases or getting full size samples after knowing how the product may work for you.  This is such a money saver for me, because some products I have read about I may like, but then am disappointed with the product or the price for the product.  This helps me find which products are perfect for me and worth the price.


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