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Wanderlust and Depression

Wanderlust….a strong desire to travel.  As a child growing up in a mixed family, I have always had family all over the world.  I also grew up in a military household so traveling has always been a part of my life.  Wanderlust was taught to me at a young age and is something that I live for.  Unfortunately, there are some downsides for these strong wanderlust feelings for me that may at times lead me to depression.

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32When I was 17 years old, I had lost my mother to a long and tireless battle to cancer.  She did what she could to fight it, but the cancer was so far along that it took over her entire body.   Watching my mother battle this disease was a struggle for me, it was hard to see that there was nothing that I could do to make her better.  She has taught me a lot in my life and made me realize how short and precious life can be.  My mother, my hero, taught me my wanderlust desire and has always pushed me to achieve every aspect of my goal.  She had traveled the world, exploring hidden areas bold and confidently.  She and I would often look over old travel photos taken from her trips many years ago, which would bring sparks to her eyes every time she had a new story to tell me of her travels.  She was so open to life, culture, food, and so much more.  She could see the great in every aspect, remaining positive even when things were rough.  I have always desired to be just like her, to be floaty, romantic, positive, bold and confident.  Thankfully, I have become very similar to her, however, losing her made life difficult. 1413227026500


For me traveling meant visiting friends and family from all over the world.  It brought me so much joy to see the people I love and explore new areas together.  Leaving that wanderlust, leaving that location of happiness and joy often lead me to depression and sadness. Until I planned my next trip, my next adventure to look forward to, sometimes that depression would eat at me. I feel in my search of wanderlust, that I am always trying to search for something that will complete me, something that will make me feel whole again, which I feel when I travel.  Unfortunately, those feeling become lost or torn away from me when I return to my empty apartment.  Since most of my family does live overseas, I have no family to come back to.  I do have my friends, and they are amazing, but I am always feeling some sort of a void.  I am not sure if it is my body and mind searching for my mother or if its just that sense of adventure and the imagination is gone and reality hits when work, bills and responsibilities return.  Although, the depression can hit, it can also bring joy to talk about the locations I have been to and to inform people of my travels and help others plan their next trip.  Traveling helps me to self-asses my life.


What I love most about travel is the rush and that it gives you a sense of life again even when you feel down.  The best cure to depression, a breakup, death, etc. is traveling the world.  Sometimes with work or life just happens, you forget about you and taking care of yourself.  Traveling is the best way to conquer some amazing bucket lists, overcome fears, and become open to the world around you.



If traveling is not something you are used to, but have always wanted to get involved in.  It will always provide you with a sense of adventure.  It turns you into a storyteller and it is a great way to provide amazing memories, which can never be forgotten.

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[su_pullquote]“If you want to SOAR in life, you must first learn how to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself)” – Mark Sterling[/su_pullquote]Traveling is a great way to fall in love with yourself all over again.  It helps to learn about your likes and dislikes and encourages you to accept you for who you really are.  It gives you the confidence to explore, wander, discover, and so much more.  When you love yourself, you love everything else around you so much more.

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2 thoughts on “Wanderlust and Depression

  1. I really like this post! Planning my next trip helps me when I’m feeling blue, I love getting inspired and excited, although it can be hard, as an introvert, to actually do all things that seemed like fun on paper. At the end of the trip, I just want to curl up in my own bed again. At least until the wanderlust hits again!

    1. Totally, I am the same way, always been an introvert! Planning is a great distraction to help me get back on my track for traveling. It is hilarious for my coworkers at work, because they ask me the day I come back to work where my next destination. I almost always plan my next destination on the flight back home.

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