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Adventures in Coos Bay, Oregon

Coos Bay, Oregon is considered to be the largest city on the Oregon coast.  This is a beautiful and charming little town with surprisingly a lot to do.  If you love the outdoors, then this is one of the locations you should mark as a must see/visit.

Check out these THINGS TO DO in Coos Bay, Or

If you have kids or you just want to see and pet some exotic animals, this is an awesome place to go to!  They have all types of animals here from peacocks, tigers, bears, and much much more.  They allow you to pet some of the animals in a safe environment and they animals are not drugged in order for you to pet them.  There are also plenty of wildlife to feed such as donkeys, deers and llamas.  Be sure to check out this awesome place, I found it completely fascinating.

Riding on the Sand Dunes

We rented a quad and atv at Steve’s ATV.  This location was perfectly located right outside of the dunes which made it easy to access the dunes once informed of the proper rules of riding and safety.  There was a beautiful view and a successful ending at the beach.  There are areas where you can jump high and slide down large sand dunes as well.


Rent some dirt bikes, quads or and ride the exciting sand dunes all the way to the beach front.  This is fun way to get to the beach and

Hiking to Golden and Silver Falls

This was a super easy and fun hike to take to see these beautiful rocks and waterfall.  The drive up here was beautiful and a great way to experience the outdoors.  It was perfect to get away from digital technology and just enjoy nature.  This would be a great place to have a picnic, but be careful some areas do become a little muddy/slippery.


Cranberry Sweets & more

This cute little locations was on my list before even leaving for Coos Bay.  They have tons of free tasting of candy and sweet chews.  This is a great pit stop to get your sweet tooth fix.  They have tons to purchase such as jam, caramel popcorn, jellys, cookies, fudge and so much more to enjoy.  The pictures tell much more than I can describe.

Shore Acre State Park

This is a perfect photo opportunity to check out.  There is so much to do in this little park, such as the view of the ocean and the cliff, the beautiful botanical garden and the little beach placed in a small cove.  Check out the pictures below to see nature’s beauty of this place.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the woods.


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