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Travel Gifts for the Wanderlust

I know for most of you it might be too soon to think about the holidays but it is coming up closer than you think! So I want to give you some gift ideas for your family and friends who have the incurable case of wanderlust.

1.This beautifully crafted laptop sleeve ($33+)

Laptop Sleeve

2. For the travel fashionista, this amazingly adorable makeup brush travel roll.  ($27+)

Makeup Brush Roll

// //

3.  Adorably personalized leather luggage tags.  ($48.50)

Personalized Luggage TagsPerfect for newlyweds!

4.  Passport covers ($29)

Passport CoverBest way to personalize your passport and differentiate yours from other friends and family.


Portable ChargerThe worst thing that could happen is your phone or camera dies right before your perfect picture moment.


Coin Scratch Travel MapRecord your travel destinations with this nifty map.

// //

7. PACKING CUBES ($48 for a pack of 6)

Packing CubesPerfect to get all of your clothing organized and fit in your small carry on bag.  Also, perfect for separating clothes as they get dirty.


Sleeping MaskPerfect for travelling on the plane and sleeping in hotel rooms when you have a terrible case of jetlag.

// //


Pacsafe Anti-Theft Messenger BagPerfect for men and women in their traveling adventures.  I highly recommend this product for travels in area where theft is high.  Be sure to check out some youtube videos to see which bag suits you best.  These are amazing!

10. Travel Bucket List Home Decor ($50)

Wall Decor

11.  DIY Travel Fund Jars

Travel Fund Jar Vacation Fund Jar
Help you family and friends start their travel fund!

12.  Wanderlust Inspired Watch ($10)

Travel Watch

// //

13.  Vapur Portable and Foldable Water Bottles ($10)

Vapur Water Bottle

This awesome water bottle rolls up and is compact for travel.  Be sure to travel with this empty and fill it up in the airport.

14.  Toiletry Bags ($65+)

Toiletry Bag

15.  Travel Cocktail Set ($24)

Cocktail Set

// //


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