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Road Trip Essentials


IMG_2404IMG_2405Create a Playlist!  This will be your saving grace.  How many times have you become sleepy because of a boring playlist?  Music will help keep you stimulated in the drive and make the trip go by faster.  Be sure to prep all your music before leaving for your trip.  If you don’t have the time, Pandora is always a great option but beware of your cell’s data usage and when signal is not available.  You may still want to have music as back up. Sometimes I even make this a perfect opportunity to listen to audio books I have been wanting to catch up on while driving. HINT: You can rent some from the library!

Hydration (HYDROFLASK)

Now I don’t really drink soda anymore mostly because I would rather eat my calories and drink my calories lol.  Also, sodas keep be dehydrated which is why I always carry my hydroflask around with me.  This is such an amazing water bottle that will keep water cold for up to 24 hours.  I have had ice in my water bottle longer than 24 hours and the ice still hadn’t melted.  I love this for long road trips, hiking and for the gym.  Be sure to pack other drinks as needed, energy drinks, drinks for the family or even your friends and extra frozen water bottles in a small ice chest.

Healthy Snacks

Iwpid-photogrid_1441399926959.jpg really love to have any kind of trail mix on hand for long trips.  They help curb your appetite and have tons of proteins.  I prefer the one with coconut, dried fruits and sometimes yogurt.  When I start to get that bad snacking feeling and crave something a little unhealthy like chips, I turn to popcorn chips which have flavor and are low in calories.  The ones above (Popcorn Indiana) range from 15-18 chips to 130 calories and gluten free.  Finally, I always make sure I have some gum on me.  This helps with elevation to alleviate ear popping issues from going up and down high altitudes and also that fresh breath feeling when traveling long distance.

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Comfy Shoes

I love to pack a pair of flip flops or sandals for my car rides.  This is just my preference, but I love being barefoot and you never know when you might make a pit stop somewhere near the beach! 🙂  Definitely pack a pair of tennis shoes and good walking shoes as well.  If you see shopping outlets or want to do a little hiking along the way to take some awesome photos, your walking shoes will be your best friend.

IMG_2398Car Chargers & portable chargers

Don’t you hate when your devices run out of juice and you lose out on entertainment? Be sure to pack your car charger and also a portable power bank.  I use my camera a lot so a charge camera with an extra battery is definitely necessary for someone like me but I also have a tendency to pack a power bank in case I need some juice while being out and about.


What road trip or adventure doesn’t require a camera?  Road trips are perfect times to take detours prior to arriving to your final destinations.  There is plenty to see along the way and a perfect opportunity to take some creativity to record your memories of your trip.  P.S. Car selfies are great to keep you entertained if you aren’t the driver.

First Aid Kit

This is very important.  Now my first aid kit consists not only of bandaids, ointments and burn kits, but also includes headache/migraine medicine, vitamins, pepto, and tums.  The worse thing that can happen during your road trip is an upset stomach and a migraine to prevent you from enjoying your trip.  Be sure to include these items plus the basics, which most pre-made kits include.

Toiletries: Baby Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Lotion, Toilet Paper and Towels

IMG_2413When you happen to be on the road, you may not have time to actually stop to eat or are eating your snacks and create a mess/sticky fingers.  Hand sanitizer is great to keep your hands clean before any snack.  Baby wipes are great for quick clean-ups and feeling fresh while on your trip.  The obvious reason for toilet paper is for those emergency stops and a bathroom is no where in sight.  Finally, I love carrying towels because they are great if you happen to stop by a river to swim, have mud on your shoes to clean up or just something that may need to be laid down to put something dirty on top of.

Sleep Kit:  Pillows, Blankets

These are great to have on hand.  On my last road trip, we forgot to bring these but it would have been very helpful since we were doing a late night drive.  These are great to help take a quick refreshed nap before continuing the drive for the trip and also excellent to use at hotels, AirBNBs or cabins in case they do not have any available or you want the comfort of your own personal items.

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