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Why you should visit South Korea!

1.  Korean Food

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IMG_20141013_190059Korean food is so flavorful and full of spices that will make your tastebuds explode. Now I am not just saying that because I am half Korean, but Korean food is definitely worth trying.  Korean BBQ is popular among many Korean American Restaurants, but there is more than just Korean BBQ.   There is Bing Su, which is an ice shaved dessert similiar to Halo Halo that has fresh fruit, ice cream and shaved ice.  There is Kimchee Jigae which is a spicy cabbage soup and will sometimes contain tofu and pork.  On top of that there are tons of street vendors that sell amazing authentic Korean dishes for cheap!  To see my post on 10 Things to Eat in Korea, check it out here.

2.  The culture and history

Visit the temples and the palaces here.  There is so much history in Korea and the architecture is absolutely beautifully preserved.  What makes it more intriguing is you will be walking in a busy city area and then just in the middle of the city you will notice this huge area cut out in the city for the palaces.

3.  Technological Advancement

Korean is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to technology.  They are typically the ones who have the products first before they even come out to the United States.  I remember growing up and my cousin had a touch screen phone before they even reached the US.  I remember wanting one so bad when I was there.  On top of that Korea probably has one of the fastest internet speeds in the world.

4.  Public Transportation

IMG_0600Korean has one of the cleanest public transportation systems in the world.  On top of that, they have the most subway lines in the world. They have bullet trains to take to Busan from Seoul.  Their International Airport is amazing to have a lay over in with so much to do and tons of shopping.  They have buses and taxis that can take you where you need to go.  Check out my tips on how to travel in Seoul here.

5.  Night life

Hongdae and Itaewon are pretty awesome locations to get your dancing on.  Like Vegas, there are typically no end times for drinking and partying.  Although most of these locations probably close around 6am.  Hongdae is a pretty sweet location because it is close to a large university known for art and there are pretty awesome buildings and architectures that have so many different looks.

6.  Jeju Island

Jeju do or Jeju Island is known for its  beautiful tropical beaches and mountains.  Jeju Island is like Hawaii is to the United States.  Flights are fairly cheap to travel from Seoul to Jeju which makes it a great stop.  However, Jeju also has an old city with beautiful history and old buildings.  Be sure to take a tour!

7.  Busan

IMG_1057Busan is another city known for their beaches.  Busan is very close to the ocean and only a 3 hour train ride from Seoul.  Busan is a great location to visit if you plan on staying and extended time in Korea.  There are tons of restaurants along the side of the beach and a beautiful of the ocean and the cliffs if you take a taxi tour.  It is affordable to travel in and there are tons of public transportation just like Seoul.  There is a lot of history here as well when it came to the war in South Korea.  Also, if you love seafood, this is a definite must for you.  You have to visit the Jalgachi Market.  Click here to view photos of my trip to Busan and things to do.

8.  Have fun on a budget!

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Korea is very affordable and has clean hostels you can stay at.  It only costs about $1 to use the subway and there are tons of fashion markets where you can bargain for clothing on a budget.  Street food is a great way to eat like a king and so cheap that it won’t make a huge dent in your wallet.

9.  Korean Skin Care Products

Korean Skin Care ProductsIt seems like a lot of people do not know about the wonders of skin care in Korea.  Since Korea is technologically advanced, they are also very advanced on their skin care.  Koreans love to take care of their skin and are at often times bold in making skin care products.  A huge hit in their skin care products right now is snail slime which does wonders to the skin which helps with tightening and glow.  They are very affordable and you can get a sheet face mask for 1000 won which is less than a dollar.  If you want to know more about my favorite Korean drugstore skin care products, view my post here.

10.  It’s safe

South Korea is a very safe country.  They prohibit guns with exception of military personnel and the crime rate in Korea is very low.  When I travel SOLO in Korea, I feel very safe and protected even at night.  This city rarely sleeps, so there is always people around.  Many of the shopping markets run late late night from 10:00p to 3:00am.

11.  K-POP & K-Dramas

Korea is known for their pop music and Korean dramas.  Uh hello, Gangnam Style! Also, if you haven’t watched a Korean drama, be sure to check out Boys over Flowers which is available on Netflix.  It is probably the best dramas to get you started & hooked in watching Korean Dramas.


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