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How to see Italy in 8 days

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know my trip was a bit of a whirlwind in Italy.  I was able to see 9 different cities within a week of my trip.  This can be a pretty intense trip for most, especially if you are looking to relax and enjoy some of the sites a little longer.  Even though I only had a week to enjoy this beautiful country, I can confidently say I saw Italy and these the are the tips I have.

Route Perfect

First of all, make a list of cities you want to see.  I used to have a list of locations I wanted to visit.  This helped me plan my schedule for train trips, tour guides, etc.  If I were to change anything on this route, I probably would have wanted to spend an extra day in Southern Italy or Milan versus spending the extra day in Venice.  The reason I would rather spend more time in Southern Italy is because the food there was to die for and I felt there was more to see and not enough time spent at Positano or Amalfi and unfortunately I did not have a chance to see Capri.  To help prepare for your trip, check out my link here to see my post on helpful tips to plan a trip to Italy.  The cities I chose to see on my trip was Rome, Naples, Positano, Amalfi, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Lido Island, and Milan.  We stayed in Naples, but did a day trip in Positano and Amalfi.  We went to Pisa for half a day and then stayed a night in Florence and spend 2 nights in Venice (well actually one night in Venice and one night in Lido).

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Second, list all the sites or things you want to do within each city, now categorize these based on the order of which locations are most important to you.  I was able to see everything on my list for Rome and then some.  Our tour guide in Naples was shocked with how much we were able to see in the time frame given.  For Rome, you will want to get a Roma Pass for sure! This helped us bypass many lines, get into lots of places for free and give us free public transport to tour the city.  This was a huge time saver and allowed for more sight seeing.

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hand drawing check box

Third, stick to your plan.  I know you may get exhausted, but as I like to say, you can always sleep when you are dead, lol.  For others, this may be the only chance you have to visit this wonderful country.  I actually got a cold halfway through my trip which usually happens in humid climates for me, but by pushing past it, I only felt sick for a day and felt better already by the next day.  Make sure you pack some medications prior to your trip which should include, cold meds, headache medication, ibuprofen for sore muscles, allergy pills, etc.

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CircadianRhythmFourth, do not sleep on the first day of your trip unless you arrive during the evening.  Force yourself to adjust to the time difference!  I have done this so many times that it has been pretty easy for me to adjust my circadian biological clocks.  I think it is easier to adjust to a time difference by forcing yourself to have a schedule.  When I was in college and had to adjust to the time difference and did not have work for a while, it was much harder to adjust back to my home time because I just wanted to sleep the day away.  If you have a job to come back to, it makes it easier to force yourself back into your routine.

Fifth, take care of yourself.  If you feel yourself dragging, maybe reduce the amount of sites based on your personal needs.  Bring vitamins to up your metabolism and stay hydrated.  Take some personal time to relax in this beautiful country.

If you want to see all the sites I saw in Italy during this week time frame, stay tuned for my next blog post for my Adventures in Italy.

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