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Helpful tips to plan a trip to Italy

If you follow me on Instagram, most of you know that I will be going to Italy shortly! I am so very excited for this trip.  I have never been to Italy, however, I have already found several amazing tips to make this trip successful.  Since I am such a planner when it comes to packing and getting ready for a trip, I decided to create a blog post regarding what I am doing to make this one the best trip yet.  With that said, here are the helpful tips I have for planning your trip to Italy.


This is a great tool for planning your trip in Italy.  You just put in the locations you want to visit and this program finds the best route for all the locations, it will also highlight the tourist locations for each city.
This is a great resource to get cheap flights to any location.  Skyscanner will do all the work and research for you when it comes to booking your flight and will help you find the cheapest available.

Roma Pass
This will get you into one or two museums depending on which pass you choose to get and will also let you travel on the public transportation during the time frame your pass allows. 1-2 day passes are available.  This will help avoid the long lines to pay for tickets/passes to get into the museums.  You can get one here.



Rick Steve’s Italy, Rick Steve’s Rome, and Lonely Planet’s Italy

These are a few of my favorite travel books.  I have tried to get the e-books, however, it is not the same as having the regular books on hand or even the pocket books.  The e-books take too much time trying to search for something, while I can easily just flip through this, flag the pages I want and more.  These are must haves for a new travel.




Duo Lingo
Duo Lingo

Duo Lingo
Need to brush on up a language before your trip? Forget Rosetta Stone, this free app has the most common languages to learn and is excellent to help you get by in traveling.  Most countries speak English, however, if you want to fit in or need help in those smaller towns, this can be very helpful

Currency Converter
This is a must have for any international travel.  I thankfully don’t have to use this too frequently, because many of the countries I have traveled to I have been more than once and already know the current conversion amount.  But this is still good to have especially if you are new to international travel.

Pack Point
Pack Point

Pack Point
This an excellent resource for a packing list on your phone.  You can edit this one to your liking but can help you plan the perfect trip and not forget what you need.  You pretty much include what you need to add to your list of things you will be doing on the trip such as the beach, hiking, etc and it combines a list of items you will need for that trip.

Rome Metro
Rome (actually all of Europe and Asia) has an excellent public transportation system.  This app will help you find where you need to get to through public transportation.


If you aren’t taking public transportation or you need to get to a location that the public transportation can not get you to, Uber is an excellent resource.  It is like a taxi service and can be fairly cheap in comparison.

Drink in Italy
Water in Italy can be very expensive, so this app is very helpful in finding areas where there are water fountains.  When planning your trip to Italy, bring a water bottle from home (which is also great to fill up in the airports as well) or purchase a water bottle and refill it.

Travel Baggage


Pacsafe Luggage Metrosafe 200 GII Shoulder Bag
While I was reading into information regarding traveling in Italy, I heard there is is a lot of pick pocketing and theft that occurs in the major cities in Italy.  Most people will tell you that you need to have an over the shoulder/messenger bag.  I chose this one because there are many great features to this bag.  First of all, this is a slashproof bag so that means someone can’t just easily cut through your bag to steal your items.  Second, this bag also has additional securities for your zippers that clip your zippers together which allows for harder access for pick pocketers. Third, there is a pocket that is RFID protected  which can protect your credit cards and passport information.  You can get one here.

TSA approved lock
As stated above, there is a lot of theft in Italy, so a TSA approved lock is great to keep your baggage safe.  Make sure they have the symbol on them, otherwise if TSA is unable to get into your bag when doing checks, your lock may be cut off.  You can get one here.

Packing Cubes
As I have mentioned in my previous packing blog post, I swear my Eagle Creek Packing cubes, however, any packing cube could work.  Packing cubes help keep your clothes organized and easy to find.  A more affordable option may be to use gallon size bags and roll your clothes to fit inside each.  You can get one here.


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