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7 Amazing Views in San Diego, CA

San Diego is one place  I wish everyone could experience.  I would say that San Diego is probably one place that can almost sum up the beauty of California.  Luckily for me, I have an amazing brother that lives in San Diego, so I always have a place to stay and have been fortunate to visit many times.  There are so many beautiful and active things to do in San Diego such as kayaking, swimming, laying out by the beach, hiking, and just enjoying the great views.  So if you have never been, these are the top 7 choices I have for visiting San Diego.




1.  Sunset Cliffs

What can I say about Sunset Cliffs? Sunset Cliffs is just a breathtaking location to soak in all that California has to offer.  This place is so beautiful to enjoy smell and view of the Ocean.  Hence the name Sunset Cliffs, this location is even more that imaginable during that time of the day.  It really makes you think about the beauty the world provides when visiting this location.  This is a beautiful area to take a walk and check out some tide pools.  Be sure to bring your loved ones with you!






2. Coronado

Coronado is an amazing beach located near the Navy Base in San Diego.  There is an amazing bridge that leads you into this location.  This beach is very calm compared to waves you can get in La Jolla.  This is a great location to tan and just take a walk on the beach.  I would say this beach is family friendly, especially since the water is calm.  We had an enjoyable time playing bocce ball.



3.  Cabrillo National Monument

Like Sunset Cliffs, this has an equally breathtaking view.  You can view Mexico from this point.  Don’t be surprised when your phone informs you that you have entered into Mexico!  This is also another location that has tide pools and you can climb onto the cliffs.  Be sure to check out the monument and the gift shop to learn more about this location.

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4.  La Jolla

If you want to experience another beach, La Jolla is one to look forward to.  There is so much to do with all of the shops lined up.  You can rent a variety of things you can rent nearby such as kayaks, paddleboards, surfboards, boogie boards, etc.  WARNING: This is a very popular beach and often times can be very crowded.  Parking can be difficult to find as well.







20150518_191352                        20150518_191907

5.  Balboa Park

Balboa Park is a very popular place in San Diego.  There is so much to see from the architecture to the rose garden and the cacti garden.  This is definitely a MUST place to check out especially if you are a first timer in San Diego.

Torrey Pines

6.  Torrey Pines State Beach

This is another location with an amazing view.  If you like hiking, this one has a beginners hiking area that leads you down toward the beach.  You start off from the top and work your way down to the sandy beach, but you have to work your way back up when you have to head back to the car.  There are lot of people sailing in the sky with powered parachutes.  Be sure to check this one out!


7.  San Diego Bay in Point Loma

This is a great location to hang out, kayak near the yachts and boats in the harbor.  It is pretty calm in the bay so it is a neat spot to paddleboard or kayak in.  If you come here, you must stop and eat at Mitch’s Seafood.  Mitch’s Seafood provides a great view of the harbor with amazing  and affordable seafood.


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