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Adventures in Chicago, Illinois

Sorry guys for the delays in posting, I have been gone for about 2 weeks traveling all over.

If you love to shop, Chicago is one of the places I absolutely loved to shop in.  Let’s just say I spent too much in this beautiful windy city.  There is so much to do in Chicago.  Shopping, visiting the art museums, going to see the Bean, eating poutin and Chicago deep dish pizza (which you can order online to be fedexed anywhere in the US), and so much more.  If you love the city, this city has tons of cool architecture with buildings that hide in the clouds.  I was visiting one of my best friends Minh, who lives near Chicago and recently had a baby girl, so it helped having someone who knew the area a little better than myself.  We stayed at an AirBNB, that was located in Logan Square which has tons of places to eat at and wander around.  I would say it is the hipster town of Chicago.  With all of that being said, enjoy the pictures of my wanderlust trip in Chicago.

Places to See

Millenium Park





Lurie Garden




The great thing about this area is there are tons of places to do some shopping or some real damage in your wallet as well.  Be sure to check out all of the stores in the area.

Must have Eats

20150510_104552 So there are tons of great places  to eat at such as the Girl & The Goat, Giordano’s Pizza (best for your first time deep dish pizza), Lula Cafe etc.  The foods that I suggest you get and try would be Deep Dish Pizza, Poutin and surprisingly Korean Food. Chicago is obviously known for their Deep Dish Pizza.  When I went to Chicago, it was my first time trying Poutin and let me tell it, it was amazing! I like to think of it as the french fry version of mashed potatoes. Luckily, there is this amazing restaurant near Millenium Park that serves Poutin called Elephant & Castle.  As a Korean-American, I was surprised to see that Chicago has a huge Korean population.  So there are many great Korean restaurants in Chicago, so it is definitely a must have when visiting.






Now there are plenty of breweries in the area and since we stayed in Logan’s square, there were tons of bars and places to go to.  The place I recommend trying would be Revolution Brewing co.  This is a great place to get a growler and they have a ton of beer on tap.


I would recommend Air BNB.  Staying in Chicago can become very expensive especially if there are a ton of places you want to see and eat at.  Since I was visiting my friend, it was very convenient while she had the baby with us.  Logan square was a great location because there are tons of places to walk to for food and site-seeing.



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