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Adventures in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge has a lot of history and personally was creepier than going to New Orleans.  It was such a breathtaking location to experience the real Louisiana.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved spending time in New Orleans (NOLA), however, NOLA can be more for the drinking and partying aspect.  Baton Rouge has a lot to offer and see with swamps, great food, home cooking, beautiful plantations, old homes and so much more.   Enjoy the pictures!

Places to See


20150402_163641LSU (Louisiana State University)

Let’s just say that the state of Louisiana is very proud of their university.  Go Tigers!  They take pride in their school and their team.  Many alumni will still continue tosee a LSU game whenever they can.

20150403_125138  20150403_125600





Live Oaks Plantation – Live oaks plantation is a very beautiful plantation with a weird and spooky vibes.


Louisiana’s State Capitol

20150403_112830 20150403_111546 20150403_110904Swamps

There are so many different types of birds and creatures here.  Unfortunately, the milk thistle was making me sneeze like crazy.  We found one gator while out there.



Atchafalaya Basin

What a gorgeous view it was to be around here.  The water feels like it never ends, the view was breathtaking.

Must have eats

20150402_202814Chimes Restaurant – They have Boudin Balls, Crawfish Ettoufee, Gumbo, Raw Oysters, and more

Have a Crawfish Boil at a local’s home

Must have Drinks

21184_10205183401578942_3414592778602303551_n 10371964_10205183401218933_1619996639653815609_nA Grab a Daquiri in a drive-thru

This was probably the one of the most interesting things I saw in Louisiana.  However, it is illegal to drink these in the car while it is moving, but it’s weird because it’s technically an open container.  Not sure what to say about that, but they were freaking delicious! Hands down the best Bloody Mary I ever tried hands down and definitely refreshing.


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