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Adventures in Busan, South Korea

Busan is a beautiful city and one of the largest cities in South Korea.  It is a different world when entering in Busan.  The accent has more of an angry toned pitch compared to people living in Seoul, but don’t let that fool you, because Koreans in Busan are very friendly!  Busan has a few subway lines to make traveling easy, on the other hand there are not as many as there are in Seoul.  Busan is the hot spot during the summer months.

Haeundae Beach


This is a wonderful beach with a interesting bridge.  The bridge has glowing lights that project different sayings or quotes at night time.  There are plenty of bars right near the beach that have great views.  Busan to South Korea is like California to the United States.  Obviously the weather there is not always beautiful like in California because Korea does get ice cold during the winter months.

Jagalchi Market

Busan is knows for this quaint fish market.  Be prepared to get yourIMG_0986 bargaining on.  This is a flea market with solely seafood.  This will be the freshest seafood you can possibly get. We ordered octopus and fresh fish served as sashimi.  It was absolutely to die for.  WARNING: The butcher will cut the fresh fish right in front of you.  There is an upstairs area where the waitress/waiters will take you to each the fish upstairs.  When the butcher is done, they will bring it up to be served.  They of course give you rice, lettuce and gochujang, which is included in the price that you bargain for the fresh seafood.

Gamcheon Village

IMG_1057 IMG_1040

Gamcheon Village is IMG_1065a historical village in South Korea.  This village really emerged in the 1950s during the Korean War.  Many villagers migrated to Gamcheon to hide and get away from the War itself.  This village is placed in the hills and the houses are made very small to fit many families.  Many are stacked 3 – 4 stories high and only have a single room.  They have really made sure to preserve this little town and it has a lot of charm with beautiful color and art surrounding it.  NOTE: This is not very friendly for handicapped people because there are many stairs, hills and cobble roads.  Be sure to try the traditional red bean soup in one of the restaurants there.

Bosu Book Street

IMG_1070With modern technology taking over the world and many bookstores closing, this can be a very rare site.  This street holds the most books you will probably ever see!  Most of the shops sell second hand books, it varies from dictionaries, manga books, magazines and study books.  They are stacked as tall as a person.  It is definitely an interesting stroll to take in Busan.  Not to mention there is a huge flea market nearby as well.


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