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How to Organize your Carry On

So most of us that travel have an issue when packing for a trip, whether it be over-packing, forgetting an item or rushing to get things packed and realizing you packed clothes that don’t match, etc. This is why I wanted to make a post that will hopefully get you organized before you trip!

1. Always have a pre-packed case of the necessities such as: toothpaste, toothbrush, Essentialsshampoo, and conditioner, body wash, contact case and contact solution, etc. That way when you go one on of your last minute trips, you can just grab this bag and go. Sometimes, this may be the same case that goes in your gym bag.  Just think, this will be great for when the Zombies take over and you need a quick getaway! Haha. Check out my carry on essentials here.

2. Packing cubes are the best for keeping your clothes organized and Paking Cubesput. If you cannot afford packing cubes, you can always roll up your clothes and place them in gallon size bags. However, if you travel a lot, you may want to invest in these bad boys! I definitely recommend the packing folder by eagle creek which you can get here. It can hold several tops and comes with its own folding board and directions to help fold the shirts efficiently.

3. Using a packing list or creating your own packing list that works for you. These will definitely help you not forget any item you may need to bring.

4. Pack clothes with a similar color scheme. Consider outfits that clothing-color-schemesare interchangeable, for example, something you can wear during the day and convert the outfit to wear at night by changing accessories, shoes and/or jacket. This will cut down on the amount of clothes you will be carrying for your trip and all your pieces can collaborate together.


5. Use every space of your carry on suitcase. Make sure you use the mesh pockets and the front pockets of your carry on. Depending on the trip, I will often bring a backpack instead of a purse. I love to be hands free and this allows bringing any last minute souvenirs or your must needs for travel entertainment.

6. Try to pack your clothes a week early and give yourself some time to edit down your outfits or clothing. You can then edit the week or day before to make sure you have everything you need.  Also, this prevents you from having to do laundry last minute before packing. Let me know what your tips are for organizing your carry on! I would love to make this list grow and learn what works for my readers!


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