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Top 10 Korean Drugstore Skin Care Products

Korea has always been innovated with their skin care/beauty products and let’s face it even their electronics!  Most of their products are readily available while we are waiting on their new products to arrive in the States.  Koreans are not afraid to experiment, which is why they have such amazing and flawless skin! From snail to cocoons, I am sure Korea has tried it all.   So I wanted to give my readers my Top 10 Korean Drugstore Skin Care Products.

1.  Tony Moly Egg Pore0ea48d865009e79e9b217e40aefb8848

So these are probably my absolute favorite products! I have tried two out of the three egg pores.  One is a Egg Pore Black out oil gel, second is the Egg Pore Tightening Mask Pack and the last is the Egg Pore Smoothing Balm.  I have used the Black Out Oil Gel and Tightening Mask Pack.  According to the beautician I talked to at the store, she recommended using the Smoothing Balm first and the Tightening Mask Pack afterwards.  Let me tell you, this stuff was amazing.  If you love the glam glow supermud, the Egg Pore Tightening Mask Pack is very similar plus, it is more affordable!  You can purchase them through urban outfitters here.

2.  Jelly Cleansing Puff by Nature Republic

So I knew about the puff product before going to Korea because we have a local Korean store in the area and my friend also recommended it.  When I purchased this item in Korea, there were so many different kinds.  They are definitely affordable and worth the money (Aprox. $3 each).  You can put your cleanser on the puff and cleanse it into your skin or use it after you have already cleaned your skin.  They last about 3-4 months.  Do not be concerned if they harden up, they will turn spongy once you soak it or run it under water.

There are 3 different types by Nature Republic:

1. Red Clay – for oil control.
2. Charcoal – for deep cleansing and purify skin.
3. Vegetable – balancing skin pH.

3.  Black Sugar Mask by Skin Food Mặt%20nạ%20Black%20Sugar%20Mask%20hàn%20quốc

I think I definitely have a tendency to forget that I have this product.   I use this as mostly a scrub and not a mask like it says.  It definitely scrubs and has a minty kind of feeling.  I have a lot of dry skin, so this helps get my skin silky smooth and soft.  You can purchase it through this site here.


4.  Sheet Masks from Nature Republic and Etude House

This are all the rave is Korea.  They are different than the masks we have in the states.  I think Forever 21 started carrying some sheet masks similar to these.  They will make your skin feel smooth, soft and moisturized.  You can find these sheet masks at any of the drugstores in Korea.

5.  Eye’s Cream Mint Cooling by Etude House

I am always worried about having bags or dark circles under my eyes, so this product definitely helps resolve those issues.  I absolutely love this blue one.  This cools my puffiness right away and I use this before I moisturize my entire face.  This is a morning must have.  If you want to purchase it online, try this link.

untitled6.  Lipnicure by CLIO

This is an excellent lip stain.  It applies like a lip gloss and it stains the lip as well.  They have a lot of beautiful colors.  The colors lasts all day, but be sure to moisturize!  Like most lip stains, this will dry you lips out after a while.  You can grab some from here.


7.  Nature’s Deco Cocoon Silk Ball by Nature Republic1000x1000

These are interesting little scrubs for your pores and dead skin.  These are little caps that go over your finger made of silk and used to scrub on your face’s problem areas.  You can purchase them by clicking on this link.

8.  Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel by Nature Republic

This was one of my first items from Nature Republic.  The gel is perfect for removing makeup and cleansing your face.  It leaves your face refreshed and new.  I love that this is a multi use product!  It can be used for a lot of things other than just your skin.  You can use it for your hair, dry skin and other areas as well.

9.  Backstage Gel Line by Tony Moly

This is definitely a good run and go item.  It comes with the brush and my cousin  swears by this product.  It is very popular in Korea and you will see almost every girl with this.  You can get one here.

10.  Wonder Pore Freshener by Etude Houseetude-house-wonder-pore-freshner-500ml-10-in-1-2015-version

Unfortunately, I have not been able to test this product out yet.  However, I have heard many reviews about this product and so many people rave about it.  This is pretty much a toner for  your pores.  You can read more information about this product here.  Click here to purchase one.


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