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6 Must Have Travel Gadgets

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These items are items that are my must haves for traveling.  Depending on the trip, I do include my laptop, but that may not be the case for you.  I find these items handy for keeping you entertained, having those items charged and making the best out of your trip.

1.  Your smartphone! Do not forget your cell phone!  This is probably the most important thing to bring.  It is perfect to take quick photos, great source for holding music to travel and listen to, and if it is unlocked, it is perfect for posting instantly as long as you get a pre-paid sim.

2.   A travel charger for all of your gadgets.  I like this 4 port USB Travel Charger.  You can find this USB travel charger at at the container store (  Don’t forget your cords and the adapter if you travel out of the country.  You can find one at most stores, like Wal-Mart or Target, but this one is from the container store  If you are traveling out of the United States, check if your items say 110~220 volt.  If they do not have these, an adapter will fry your device and you will need a step down transformer for your travels.

3.  A tablet and/or e-reader.  I have both, but I just started using just my tablet to cut down on the amount of items I travel with.  This cuts down on space and weight.  I just put all of my books that I currently read onto my tablet.

4.  A Nikon AW1 camera.  This camera is the first camera that is waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof with an interchangeable lens.  These are perfect for those day trips and lighter than carrying your bulky DSLR.  This is awesome at taking some of those underwater photos of your trips! Don’t forget to pack multiple memory cards!

5.  Headphones.  Now this depends on the type of traveling I will be doing.  If I am just on a roadtrip, I only pack my earbuds.  If I am traveling on the airplane, my over the head headphones are best for this, like my beats headphones.  These headphones will definitely help cut down on the noise of the airplane. I often times will pack my earbuds as well for my day trips wandering around, which when traveling solo can help inspire your vacation.

6.  #SelfieStick.  I love bringing this along to help with filming videos, taking photos when traveling solo and just because.  They are great to take large group photos and mine even has a tripod option.  You can get on here